Will Biden Debate Trump or Not?

2020 election news: Voters see Trump, Biden as mentally unfit to be  president

That is the burning question. According to his handlers they don’t want to legitimize Trump with a debate because he has no fidelity to the truth or Constitution of the United States. He doesn’t tell the truth so why bother? They also say Biden will do a great job in the debate but he is too good too lower himself to Trump’s level or something to that effect. This is their new strategy. Will it work?

FYI Trump isn’t the moderator of this debate. The questions will be asked by Chris Wallace and Biden need be bothered how Trump answers a question. That’s for Chris to follow up on. He needs to focus on how he will answer one. So it’s nothing to do with Trump’s fidelity to the truth which is rich since Biden has been the biggest liar during this campaign that I’ve ever seen and doesn’t even get called out. Maybe that’s what he’s really afraid of– getting his lies exposed by Chris.

Can you even imagine a president running the country like this? Every time there is a meeting with a difficult world leader, he runs and hides? He has no guts to stand up to another country because they don’t deserve to be seen with the U.S. President? This is Biden’s arrogance and pride showing and that’s no way to run a country. Trump has neither of these qualities that’s why he can talk with anyone.

Will Jill call the day of and cancel due to some phony story that they were exposed to covid? Will Joe say he caught a cold and needs to stay away from people in order to be sure it is not covid? I’m sure they are running through a list of excuses right now trying to find the perfect excuse to get out of this debate. Why not feign a fainting episode like Hillary did? Nothing coming out of the Democrat camp will surprise me at this point. They have resorted to the lowest of low tactics to steal the presidency from Trump. What’s next? Their guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs and probably eats them for breakfast.

Let’s face it, he’s going to get some questions from Chris Wallace that he hasn’t gotten from the main stream media and it will irk him. He may fly off the handle. Remember FOX News was not allowed to moderate one Democrat Debate, so he will not be up for it. Not one debate. So all the questions he’s had up till now have been softball some even fawning. And even then, he did poorly with stammering, stuttering, outbreaks of anger, and his fav “oh, my time is up.” Conversely, during the Republican Debates in 2015 and 2016 all the main stream had a go at Trump.

Biden is not ready for prime time and he knows it. He’s been handled with kid gloves and the gloves will come off next week. I don’t expect Chris to be too confrontational as that is not his forte, and he usually doesn’t have a retort when he gets an inaccurate answer, so we’ll see. Much rather have someone like Greg Garrett or Ingraham moderate as they have more facts at their disposal. Chris, not so much. He still thinks Russia interfered with our election to help Trump even after the Mueller Team has been exposed for the “Get Trump” motive and their phony Steele Dossier comprised by a Russian Spy that they all knew of prior to the Mueller Probe starting. “We’re going need libel insurance” one team member wrote. So it was the Democrats all along that colluded with Russia to hurt Trump. See how they project?

Will Chris have the courage to ask about this to Biden who was up to his ears in the coup d’état to take out Trump? Don’t forget the infamous meeting held by Obama with Susan Rice writing a memo afterwards: “We did everything by the book.” Don’t bet on Chris bringing this up. It will confirm that Chris has been reporting disinformation of Russian Interference for three years.

Get your Jiffy Pop and wine ready. But don’t pop the corn or the cork until we know for sure that Biden will show. They may call another “lid” day.

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Antifa and BLM are Terror Groups–Not Civil Rights Marchers.

group of policemen on horse
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They can loot, decimate, and injure all they want but nothing will change in society from their vile behavior. If anything, all it does is make themselves look bad. I was shocked to watch a group of hoodlums in Philadelphia open the hood of a police car, pour lighter fluid on the engine, and drop a lit match.  This was after they broke out the windshield. All done in broad daylight with not a cop around.  These are experienced paid vandals.  This isn’t their first rodeo.  They all must have a record.  Then the police car went up in flames with them filming it.

Let’s get one thing straight. They aren’t vandalizing in the name of George Floyd or seeking justice for his death.  I doubt if they remember his name.  These hoodlums are a bad element that have been recruited to come out in droves. Whether they call themselves Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or Occupy Wall Street, they all have the same agenda–domestic terrorism.  Why?  Because they needlessly, without care for life, destroy buildings like Al Qaeda does and everyone is fearful of them.  That’s the definition of terror. Thus the name domestic terror.  Not foreign terror, domestic.

These are self-serving thieves getting paid to cause havoc by looting and destroying stores and property.  This has nothing to do with George Floyd or civil rights.  Absolutely nothing.  They have similar qualities to Al Qaeda:  They hate America, Whites, God, success, jobs, the rich, capitalism, and our president.  They want to destroy America like Al Qaeda tried on 9-11. Why do you think they congregated outside the White House?  There’s no doubt in my mind that they would have burned the White House down if given a chance. The White House had nothing to do with one rogue cop in Minneapolis. One FOX Anchorman asked if these destructive looters could be White Nationalists or White Supremacists?  Are you kidding?  Are you colorblind?  How can you call them White?

I swear the left media and some on the right are afraid to say what we all can see with our own eyes.  They also seem to wish these hoodlums are Trump followers. How these villains can find joy in burning down someone’s store and filming it is unthinkable. But they do. They are behaving like a pack of wild wolves not humans.

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For Chris Wallace to say that more Blacks die at the hands of police in Minnesota than Whites is a stupid comment. Possibly more Blacks were involved in crimes that got the police involved.  Chris also tried to imply that covid 19 is racist as it hits more Blacks in Minnesota than Whites.  This is another stupid comment.  Maybe more Blacks didn’t follow the guidelines or maybe more of them have underlying conditions. Not a racist reason for their deaths.  For him to say many Blacks have been laid off due to the shutdown and could be the reason for their protesting is another stupid comment.  Whites and business owners are hurt just as much.  It does not give you license to vandalize and burn down buildings.  Quit playing devil’s advocate, Chris, we know you hate Trump.

I saw on television a group of protesters on a Minnesota highway bridge surround and stop a gasoline tanker truck.  They stormed the cockpit while one was tampering with the back of the tank.  They wanted to light it up as a bomb, no doubt in my mind.  This is the definition of domestic terror.  Or as Chris Wallace would rationalize, the tanker got in way of the protesters and forced them to surround it and storm the cockpit. The media is also covering for the thugs saying the truck driver tried to run them over.

Classic end to the story: They arrested the driver of the tanker.  What in the world!  He was on the highway minding his own business when these lawless hooligans (who shouldn’t be on a highway) surrounded him like marauding bandits. He was probably scared for his life and the truck. They assaulted him, sent him to the hospital, and he gets arrested?  What’s next? Will we get arrested if our homes get invaded by a group of marauding criminals, and we defend ourselves?  It’s beginning to look like it.

When in doubt, give the benefit to the Blacks. Also when in doubt, blame Trump. And the Blacks think they are discriminated against?  Not this week!  They’ve been handled with kid gloves while their victims get ignored.  Two cops were fired yesterday for pulling two Blacks out of a car.  No wonder the cops are gun shy, they’re afraid of getting fired. I’ve never seen so many villains be ignored by the police.

One store owner in New York that had his store destroyed saw a group of police just standing there while it all happened.  They must have gotten the stand down order.  How did the church outside the White House get fire bombed?  I was sickened by the visual of terrorists outside the White House setting fires to historical structures.  I can’t believe our secret service cannot handle a group of delinquents. Trump is right.  The governors and mayors aren’t doing their job or are allowing this havoc to continue for an ulterior motive.

If our police can’t protect these businesses, it’s time for the business owners to take over.  Get back to work, open your shops, and hire armed security guards. We can’t rely on the police any longer. They are outnumbered and outplayed.  And where’s the National Guard?  Armored trucks should be cruising the streets throwing out teargas and the streets should be closed to the public. If these terrorists show up, arrest them all.  No more peaceful demonstrations. Their message has already been made.  Time to get serious about ending this violent group of terrorists.

These terrorists also hit small towns in California from Walnut Creek to Concord to Mill Valley to Santa Rosa to Long Beach to Santa Monica to San Diego.  Macy’s and other high end stores in Walnut Creek got broken into and cleaned out by these roaches. They are spreading like cockroaches and just as hard to catch.  They come into these cities from out of state in cars loaded with destructive material, windows blackened, and license plates removed.  It is well orchestrated and paid for by these anti-American groups.  They want Black lives to matter?  I tell you what.  If I had a store that just got decimated and looted by a group of Blacks, they would not matter much to me any longer.  PERIOD!

Cockroach infestation – Know how to get rid of them - Pest Control ...

What is their end goal?  I think to destroy America as we know it.  First the covid virus, then the shutdown of the economy, and now these terrorists come in to put the final nail in America’s coffin.  It was the perfect storm and we had no warning.





Chris Wallace Should be Fired for His “Left Spin” on the Facts.


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I was forced to listen to the Chris Wallace Show while driving.  I couldn’t believe the lies he is spreading.  For example he asks: “Why are some Republicans refusing to admit that Russia hacked the DNC server?”  Because there has been no credible proof shown to us from a credible source other than the biased Mueller Report written by thirteen Trump- hating lawyers.  The DNC server was sent to Crowdstrike for forensic evaluation, and we’ve never heard from them since; thus Trump’s request to look into it.  Duh!  Podesta’s hacked emails were an “inside job” based on forensic facts. We think we know who did it, but the police were told to “stand down” on the investigation.

“Why are the Republicans saying that Ukraine hacked the DNC server instead?”  Because they aren’t.  The premise of the question is a lie.  The Republicans are claiming the Ukraines tried to influence voters by writing op eds against Trump and the DNC planting an operative in Ukraine to spread a negative campaign on Trump.  Totally different, Chris.  He must be reporting to the gullibles. I also witnessed a newswoman yesterday on FOX cutoff one of their guests that mentioned the “Biden/Hunter scandal” saying, “That has been debunked.  You can’t say that.” I was shocked by her comments that were more suited for MSNBC or CNN.

FOX is being slowly transformed into CNN.  Be careful Hannity, Tucker, and Ingraham, the body snatchers are coming.  Don’t fall asleep!

Chris Wallace has drank the Democrat’s Kool Aid so much that he is high on it now.  He can taste an impeachment and is euphoric.  Then he has disgraced Congressman Swalwell on his show.  Swalwell and him can smell an impeachment.  Chris Wallace needs to go.  He’s done. We can no longer believe a word he says.

When we lose FOX News to the left, there’ll be no news.  Stay strong and don’t cave, FOX.  We’re counting on you.