Will Biden Debate Trump or Not?

2020 election news: Voters see Trump, Biden as mentally unfit to be  president

That is the burning question. According to his handlers they don’t want to legitimize Trump with a debate because he has no fidelity to the truth or Constitution of the United States. He doesn’t tell the truth so why bother? They also say Biden will do a great job in the debate but he is too good too lower himself to Trump’s level or something to that effect. This is their new strategy. Will it work?

FYI Trump isn’t the moderator of this debate. The questions will be asked by Chris Wallace and Biden need be bothered how Trump answers a question. That’s for Chris to follow up on. He needs to focus on how he will answer one. So it’s nothing to do with Trump’s fidelity to the truth which is rich since Biden has been the biggest liar during this campaign that I’ve ever seen and doesn’t even get called out. Maybe that’s what he’s really afraid of– getting his lies exposed by Chris.

Can you even imagine a president running the country like this? Every time there is a meeting with a difficult world leader, he runs and hides? He has no guts to stand up to another country because they don’t deserve to be seen with the U.S. President? This is Biden’s arrogance and pride showing and that’s no way to run a country. Trump has neither of these qualities that’s why he can talk with anyone.

Will Jill call the day of and cancel due to some phony story that they were exposed to covid? Will Joe say he caught a cold and needs to stay away from people in order to be sure it is not covid? I’m sure they are running through a list of excuses right now trying to find the perfect excuse to get out of this debate. Why not feign a fainting episode like Hillary did? Nothing coming out of the Democrat camp will surprise me at this point. They have resorted to the lowest of low tactics to steal the presidency from Trump. What’s next? Their guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs and probably eats them for breakfast.

Let’s face it, he’s going to get some questions from Chris Wallace that he hasn’t gotten from the main stream media and it will irk him. He may fly off the handle. Remember FOX News was not allowed to moderate one Democrat Debate, so he will not be up for it. Not one debate. So all the questions he’s had up till now have been softball some even fawning. And even then, he did poorly with stammering, stuttering, outbreaks of anger, and his fav “oh, my time is up.” Conversely, during the Republican Debates in 2015 and 2016 all the main stream had a go at Trump.

Biden is not ready for prime time and he knows it. He’s been handled with kid gloves and the gloves will come off next week. I don’t expect Chris to be too confrontational as that is not his forte, and he usually doesn’t have a retort when he gets an inaccurate answer, so we’ll see. Much rather have someone like Greg Garrett or Ingraham moderate as they have more facts at their disposal. Chris, not so much. He still thinks Russia interfered with our election to help Trump even after the Mueller Team has been exposed for the “Get Trump” motive and their phony Steele Dossier comprised by a Russian Spy that they all knew of prior to the Mueller Probe starting. “We’re going need libel insurance” one team member wrote. So it was the Democrats all along that colluded with Russia to hurt Trump. See how they project?

Will Chris have the courage to ask about this to Biden who was up to his ears in the coup d’état to take out Trump? Don’t forget the infamous meeting held by Obama with Susan Rice writing a memo afterwards: “We did everything by the book.” Don’t bet on Chris bringing this up. It will confirm that Chris has been reporting disinformation of Russian Interference for three years.

Get your Jiffy Pop and wine ready. But don’t pop the corn or the cork until we know for sure that Biden will show. They may call another “lid” day.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com


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