In Praise of the Everyday Housewife.

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I was a stay at home mom, formerly known as a housewife, which Trump praised recently at one of his rallies. I gave up a career to stay home with my firstborn. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else staying home with him. It was my duty. What I always strived for: being married with children. I never wanted to be a career girl. And I never looked back.

I really think today’s problems with the unrest in the cities can first be attributed to the onset of career women with children who work outside the home without a family member at home with their children. Relying on a stranger or daycare or no one watching your children after school eventually can lead to problems in the teenage years unless your child is an angel. Mine would not have been, unless I was there. One of my sons, as an adult, thanked me for being home for him after school, unlike some of his friends’ moms. Kids need a parent at home, preferably the mom as they are stricter, overseeing their schoolwork and keeping them out of trouble!

Children need the guidance of a parent in their home not a nanny or an au pair or a daycare personnel. No one can protect a child like a parent can. Even grandparents, although they mean well, can spoil a grandchild and be too lenient. If there were more stay at home moms, the youth of today would be much more successful, confident, and kind to others. None of the qualities of the BLM or Antifa. These kids are angry, confused, cruel, and neglected emotionally.

So, in short, women’s lib may have contributed to the problems of the youth today unless they had a good family support system in their home.

Three cheers for the housewife or stay at home mom who gave up the good life for her children. They had dreams that they gave up. Such are the dreams of the everyday housewife. Glen Campbell knew.

Oh, such are the dreams of the everyday housewife
You see everywhere any time of the day
An everyday housewife who gave up the good life for me.

The photograph album she takes from the closet
And slowly turns the page
And carefully picks up the crumbling flower
The first one he gave her now withered with age.

She closes her eyes and
Touches the house dress that suddenly disappears
And just for the moment she’s wearing the gown
That broke all their minds back so many years.

Oh, such are the dreams of the everyday housewife
You see everywhere any time of the day
An everyday housewife who gave up the good life for me.”

I often thought of my mother when this song played. Years later I thought of myself. Funny how that works. The circle of life.

Housewives are the most underappreciated women in the world. No one knows how important they really are. Schools don’t know, friends don’t know, doctors don’t know, and politicians don’t know. They get called to pick up someone else’s kid from school if the parent can’t. They drive other kids to sports practices, volunteer for team mom, and feed snacks to others’ children after school while the career moms rake in a big salary and hope “someone” is watching their kid. They don’t really care or ask. Sometimes they never find out as they are too busy to inquire. Thus housewives are the most underappreciated women around. Maybe if someone happens to read this, they’ll take the time to thank that mom who’s been driving her kid everyday to baseball practice or day camp or watching them after school. Just a simple ‘thank you’ will do.

It’s not a mystery as to why we have more children today suffering from depression, eating disorders, sexual promiscuity, alcohol, gangs, and drugs. It’s because there’s no supervision in the home after school which leads to the likes of BLM and Antifa groups. It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure this out. Maybe there should be a renaissance of the housewife.

After a while it became sort of expected by career moms for housewives to “fill in” where they couldn’t. I even had a neighbor who’d drop off her kids without asking as she was trying to become a doctor and had a class to get to. My mother never had to put up with this rude behavior as most all moms back then were housewives. Housewives should get paid for the job they do. Based on today’s society it could be the most important job in the world, but no one realizes it yet. Women’s lib has replaced the housewives’ importance in society. A woman of today feels she must have it all: children, career, husband, and home. But something has to give and it always does. You can’t have it all. Someday someone will do a study on this very subject. It may not be global warming at all causing national strife, just women’s lib.

Since children inherit the earth after we are gone, they need a good upbringing to become honest, decent, hardworking, healthy, contributing individuals and that is taught in the home not in school. No job is more important than raising your children; as after we’re gone, they replace us. And we can usually judge a man or woman by the children they have raised as the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

So to the mother that is holding down a job so you can buy that fancy new car to keep up with the Joneses, maybe think twice and realize that the extra money you’re earning isn’t really helping your family. Staying home is more valuable to your children in the long run and more precious to society. This advice is obviously to a “two parent” household, not a single parent. That is a whole other subject to tackle. Just saying.



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