What Can We Expect From First Debate?

The Great Jester Center Food Fight | The UT History Corner

These two men hate each other, so we can expect just about anything short of a food fight. Biden is big on calling Trump incompetent so we’ll hear that. Now he’s resorted to saying he’s not smart and can’t talk on foreign or domestic issues. That’s laughable. Trump on the other hand is big on calling Biden not really all there and where’s Hunter, so he’ll try to bring that up. But it could get ugly, which I hope it won’t.

Trump can’t fall for the traps that Biden will set regarding the Charlottesville white supremacist lie he keeps perpetuating. Trump shouldn’t call him “nasty” or “disgraceful” although those are his “go to” words. They are getting old. If it becomes a name calling fest, they both lose. Stick to the answers to issues asked about. Keep the answers short and on point.

They need to stick to the facts and avoid rumors and innuendoes. The latest rumor that NY Times has released is about Trump’s tax return. Just say NY Times is fake news and move on. He shouldn’t elaborate or filibuster as that makes him look guilty of something. The NY Times will try anything to throw him off prior to the debate, and this is their latest attempt. Remember last week the left ran an article saying Trump disparaged fallen soldiers. Not true. When all else fails, go back to what they tried in 2016: Stormy, Taxes, Hollywood Access tape, Gold Star parent, handicap reporter, and the all time favorite racist Mexicans and children in cages. We know they are losing when they go back to items before Trump was president.

Since Trump has been president, there’s really nothing to beef about except fake hoaxes. He’s had three Nobel Prize Nominations, so he must have done something right. Of course, covid will be front and center, but it has been so politicized and Trump should point that out. Also say that we are all responsible individuals that can protect ourselves without a nanny state hovering over us with irrational rules mandated like Biden proposes.

Numbers testing positive for covid virus is to numbers hospitalized as mail in ballots are to the absentee ballots. Both should be ignored. “Testing Positive” doesn’t mean you’ll get sick or hospitalized and mail in ballots don’t mean they’ll be counted or if they are really from registered voters. Just hospitalizations and absentee ballots or in-person votes should be counted.

Biden will say Trump golfs everyday and doesn’t do his job which is literally impossible as we see Trump everyday working as well as his wife. Unless our eyes are lying to us. The truth is, Trump has not been on a vacation with his wife in four years. He even spent last Christmas and New Years in the White House. Occasionally, he will golf on the weekend. Big whoop.

Conversely, Obama and his family were vacationing in Hawaii and other places constantly on the taxpayers’ dime. And the proof is in what he got accomplished in eight years: same sex marriage, transgender bathrooms and sex changes, stricter regulations on emissions, BLM, Paris Accord, bribes to Iran, ISIS attacks, kneeling football players, mandated healthcare, and lenient marijuana laws. Look where these social issues have brought us today.

I just hope Chris will call out Biden when he lies and he will lie. That’s all he’s been doing. He even has his wife saying Trump makes gaffes now. That’s a classic. Trump answers every question asked of him and never says, “I can’t answer that as it will become frontpage news” like Biden gets away with. Trump has no gaffes or misstatements. What you see, is what you get. Most transparent president in modern history.

Biden won’t say whether he’s for or against packing the court, who his picks for supreme court would be, or how he’ll pay for free college, healthcare, and benefits to illegals. He also won’t declare Black Lives Matter as a domestic terror group. He also won’t protect Freedom of Religion and has been leaving “under God” out of the pledge.

Biden called the kettle black yesterday when he said the following: “He’s sort of like Goebbels,” the former vice president said in an appearance on MSNBC, adding “You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge. No wonder Biden uses this tactic as it is fresh in his mind. It’s the Democrat rules for radicals.

When he says he’ll repeal the Trump tax cuts and only tax those making over $400,000, everyone gets hurt by that. Trump tax cuts helped everyone so, therefore, everyone’s taxes will go up. Businesses will be hurt and unemployment will rise. Jobs will get shipped overseas again. So Biden’s Build Back Better slogan is nothing more than Build Back China Better. And we don’t want that.



One thought on “What Can We Expect From First Debate?

  1. I think since Joe has been in a medically induced coma for weeks, largely, and has access to The Awakening, he will be a somewhat coherent debater. For a little while. I expect nothing less!


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