Will Joe Show?

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He’s been in training all week for tonight, but will he show? Will he suddenly come down with something that doesn’t allow him to appear? Hiden’ Biden has a big ego and doesn’t want to get bruised by the big bad bully tonight. He won’t be able to take it. Trump, on the other hand, takes it on the chin daily from the ever relentless press. He has been muddied up by Biden’s lying ads and is no doubt biting at the bit to respond.

I replayed some of Biden’s first debates against the 19 other candidates. He actually held his own but went to his, “I’m outta time” refrain quite often as he’d forget what he was rambling about. He was angry Joe–not sleepy, not stammering, not pitiful, not smiley, not forgetful Joe. Angry Joe. He came prepared with his memorized talking points much like an actor. So what will we see tonight? This guy has more demeaners than a Vogue model.

If he calls Trump a racist, a Nazi, a white supremacist, xenophobic, incompetent, troop hater, failure or anything like he has before, the gloves will be off. But Trump shouldn’t go after Wallace by saying, “That’s not a very nice question” just go after Biden. Biden has no good policies to run on and that has to be exposed. Expose his hypocrisy of Freedom of Religion and respect for strong women that he is always ballyhooing about when it comes to Amy Coney Barrett.

Biden recently said in video that he started his career 180 years ago in the Senate and that he had attended an all Black college to get his start in education. The college denies he attended there. So this is what we are dealing with when Biden is not jacked up on drugs. Incoherent lies. When debating Biden, will Trump be able to decipher the lies from the senior moments? It’s like debating a five year old in the doghouse. He also placed a finger on one nostril and blew on camera and not one person in the media called him out. That’s a disgusting if not, unsanitary, act especially during a viral outbreak.

The hypocrisy of the left never fails to disappoint. On the weekend, a BLM member drove through a group of peaceful flag-carrying Trump supporters running over two seniors. She got caught and charged with attempted murder. But we hear crickets from the left. No outrage over the attempted murder like they had in Charlottesville. Why is that? If Biden brings up Charlottesville, Trump should bring up Yorba Linda, California. His running mate, Kamala, has been encouraging these BLM nuts to continue their violence even after the election and should be called out.

Biden has requested a break every 30 minutes during the debate. He won’t take a drug test prior nor get his ears checked for transmitters. This is very telling that he plans to cheat and his handlers and media will cover for him. Wallace may be in on it too like Donna Brazille was. Wallace has never respected Trump and it always shows with his loaded questions. Wallace is the media version of John Roberts and Chris Wray. Not to be trusted, ever. I don’t expect tonight to be any different. If Biden lasts the 90 minutes without fainting, the media will declare him the winner. The fix is already in, but Trump needs to remain steadfast and honest. He has a good record to run on. Promises made and then some, kept. He just needs to stick to the facts. When they hit low, stand up tall.

Good luck Trump. You’re going to need it.

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