Biggest Loser: Chris Wallace. Biggest Winner: Trump’s Smirk.

President Donald Trump


Trump not only had to debate foulmouthed lyin’ Biden, but loaded-questioned Wallace. Wallace should be ashamed of himself for working for FOX News and perpetuating some of the left’s lies.

Here’s some examples: Why would he ask Trump to condemn white supremacists at the riots and not ask Biden to condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa? That is a talking point of a left. White supremacists aren’t causing mayhem in these cities. Trump supporters aren’t white supremacists and Wallace was trying to imply that they were. Shame on you Wallace.

Why would he say the wildfires in California are caused by climate change? This is another talking point of the left. Some of them have been started by arsonists caught in the act and most of them from lightening strikes. So Trump was basically debating Wallace’s questions and Biden at the same time. They were double teaming Trump. Trump lost his cool but who wouldn’t? After four years of being lied about by the left, the FBI, and previous administration, it was Trump’s time to unload on the whole lot of them.

Why would Wallace ask Trump about the latest hit piece from the NY Times about his taxes? Wallace seems as gullible as always. He never brought up the sham of the impeachment against Trump. He never brought up that the FBI colluded with Hillary against Trump. He never asked Biden why he suggested the Logan Act for General Flynn? It seemed he was defending Biden the whole night. Two against one. He never brought up the peace deals in the Middle East that Trump oversaw.

Why would Wallace bring up the goddamn Charlottesville lie that Biden has repeated for four years if only to hurt Trump? Wallace was trying to take down Trump.

Why would Wallace say that Obama created more jobs in his last three years than Trump has? This is a total lie. Unemployment was high and the only jobs folks were getting were with UBER. If you call that job creation then okay but at least be clear. Wallace was out to take down Trump and Trump realized early on even calling him out. That’s why he interrupted lyin’ Biden so much. Biden accused Trump of causing deaths of Blacks from covid and Wallace didn’t even call him out. Wallace needs to change jobs to another station like CNN. No self-respecting FOX News moderator ever asks stupid questions about climate change and impugns Trump’s economy. You’re fired Wallace!

Why would Wallace say Trump has never came up with a comprehensive plan to replace Obamacare when all the plans they have put to the House have been rejected by Nancy. His question was a lie. All Biden could do was laugh when Trump explained how he’s getting drug prices lowered. Biden seemed like it was the first he’d heard of this.

Biden started the interrupting, not Trump. Biden resorted to name-calling Trump from fool, clown, racist, not smart, liar, worst president ever, and told him to “shut up man,” everybody knows he’s a liar, looks down on people of faith and color. Lot of hate there. So unpresidential and he’s running for president. Trump refrained from calling him sleepy but said he wasn’t smart. As suspected, he accused Trump twice for golfing instead of handling the covid crisis. When Trump told the truth all Biden could do is laugh. Laughing was part of his plan whenever Trump told the truth. So laughing Biden came to the debate. Must have been that shot he took in the butt.

Biden said Trump’s spokesperson said the riots are helping Trump’s reelection. Trump asked who was that? Biden looked confused at first then quickly responds, “Kelly Ann Conway.” Even I couldn’t remember her name that quickly unless someone was feeding lines into my ear. This guy is clearly getting help. And when Kelly said the riots are reelecting Trump she meant voters are disgusted by them and in no way implied that Trump was causing them or fanning the flames of them. No way. Nice try again, Dems.

What’s with Biden quoting Chris Wray during the debate? Trump better get on the phone soon and get rid of Chris Wray who said white supremacists are at the riots. They are not. It’s BLM and Antifa. Antifa is not an idea either like Biden said. Ideas don’t burn down buildings. So basically Biden defended Antifa. Unfit for president.

Trump asked better questions of Biden than Wallace did. Biden couldn’t answer if he’d pack the courts and Wallace didn’t follow up. Wallace spent more time interrupting and shutting down Trump whenever he was winning an argument. If he’d let him go, people would have learned more. I blame Wallace for the lack of civility between the two candidates. It’s frustrating to get cut off in mid thought.

And why was Biden allowed to have notes in front of him? I thought that was taboo. He was looking down reading then looked up and spoke his rehearsed lines to the camera not to Trump or Wallace. It was more of his video speeches. Very off putting. Never seen a guy run from the Green New Deal so fast after signing on with the Green New Deal cowritten by Harris. How will Bernie and AOC like that? Busted.

I congratulate Trump for standing up for ending racial sensitivity training in the military and schools. The military was teaching that MAGA hats were racist. Trump’s best line of the night was: “They were teaching people to hate our country, and I’m not going to allow that. They were teaching people that we are a horrible country, a racist country and I’m not going to allow it.”

In between three men arguing at once, the nuances of Trump’s answers came through but only to a trained ear. The average person was probably confused or thought he appeared angry. This is why Chris Wallace loses and Trump’s smirk wins. Trump got some zingers in when Wallace asked why Trump holds large rallies and Biden doesn’t? Trump said because no one would go to his rally. Zinger!

When Biden was asked why he wouldn’t call the mayor of Oregon to ask her to request the national guard to quell the violence? Biden answers: I’m not in elected office. It’s not my job. But beforehand he said he was the head of the Democrat Party. So with this said, the head of the Democrat party doesn’t want to end the mayhem in Oregon. That answer alone makes Biden the loser of the debate.

Trump got the message out that mail-in ballots will be a nightmare that the Supreme Court may have to decipher at some point. Again Wallace tried to conflate mail-in ballots with absentee ballots as one and the same. Wallace didn’t seem to even know about the recent ballot harvesting and disposal of Trump ballots. Clueless Wallace.

Biden made another ridiculous comment that when police go to a 9-1-1 call they should bring a psychologist with them. So stupid, so dumb. And not called out by Wallace. Biden wants to rebuild four million homes to weatherize them. Biden wants to throw 20 billion dollars to Brazil to tell them to stop cutting trees in the rain forest. Trump called him out as Wallace couldn’t. All Biden could say is not true, not true, not true, not true.

For the past four years, Trump has been portrayed by the left as an illegitimate president (and apparently Wallace thinks so too) when, in fact, he is nothing of the kind. He won his election fair and square without Russia interference and mail-in ballot harvesting that is now being done by the left to help Biden win.

Now they are trying to portray poor Amy Barrett as an illegitimate nomination for the Supreme Court because they want the voters to choose the next president and him choosing the next Supreme Court Justice making her illegitimate out the starting gate. Nothing the Republicans are doing is against the constitution and they know it. They are running scared.

When Biden and Wallace lie throughout the whole debate, obviously Trump is going to lose his patience. I was keeping track of Biden’s lies and lost count. I failed to count Wallace’s lies. Biden defended his son Hunter and lied, lied, lied through his teeth then tried to deflect onto Trump’s kids. Nice try Biden. Trump has honest children, not drug addicts, charlatans, or strip club goers. Biden’s not a stand up guy. He can’t bring dignity or soul back to anything. I think Trump’s smirk and tilted head was the winner.

Trump came off as a principal meeting with two delinquents, Chris Wallace and Joe Biden. He was definitely the only adult in the room. He gave them a good dressing down. Biden didn’t answer anything truthfully, just had potty-mouthed insults and deflection. At one point I thought Biden was going to take his marbles and go home. Now it turns out he was wearing a wire, exposed when he slipped his hand under his jacket probably to turn the volume up for his co-conspirator. No wonder he came on stage looking all cocky instead of fearful as he knew he had backup.

When the Democrats are losing they always resort to insults, cheating, and deflection. It’s clear that Biden came with rehearsed (or transmitted) dialog and Trump spoke from knowledge, not notes and definitely not a hidden wire. That was loud and clear. Biden disqualified himself in my book.

When Trump said, “Democrats cheat!” he was not kidding. But Biden smiled anyway.


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