Wallace Was All In For Biden.

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If it wasn’t for Trump standing up for himself and asking his own questions of Biden, Wallace would have allowed Biden to tell one whopper after another without any follow up. I’m not sure if Wallace knew Biden was lying or if he just doesn’t know the issues, either way he’s not a good moderator. The way he kept stopping Trump from getting his point across, showed to me that Wallace was all in for Biden.

The premise of the questions Wallace asked were something from the CNN playbook. Is he vying to be the darling of the left? Why even have FOX News host a debate if we’re going to use a Never-Trumper to moderate? Every question had the Democrat talking points in it. I could see right from the beginning that Trump would have to run the show himself. Wallace gave Biden so many free passes it was like senior ladies’ night at the casino.

Biden was the first one to break the rules they both agreed on. PERIOD. Yet they are blaming Trump for breaking the rules.

When Biden said we handed a booming economy over to Trump and he blew it, I blew my stack. Wallace allowed it and let Biden continue. When Biden said Trump caused the current recession, my mouth dropped. Wallace gave Biden another pass. Then when Biden said, Trump shut down the economy and the recession’s on him, I was at my limit of Whoppers for the day. I was ready to get my cholesterol checked. Without Trump’s “yapping” (as Biden rudely called it) the viewers wouldn’t know any different.

Trump asked Biden, “What did Hunter do to get the 3 million from Moscow?” When Biden said that’s not true, that’s not true, that’s not true, that story has been discredited, Wallace let it ride. Trump asked, discredited by who? Biden answered, Romney, media, and allies. No follow up from Wallace. Onto the next subject. What???!!!! Minds were exploding across America.

Wallace’s handling of the debate and leaving a hot subject like this to move onto the next goofy question about white supremacy, was over-the-top infuriating. We were finally getting somewhere with this basement-dwelling creature from the swamp. But again, Wallace puts a lid on it.

If this is what we’ll get from FOX, what can we expect from CNN or MSNBC an on-air lynching?

Why was Wallace asking Trump to denounce this and pledge that, but didn’t ask Biden to denounce shit? If Trump has to denounce white supremacy (which he did and it went unnoticed by Wallace and the media), why didn’t Biden have to denounce BLM or Antifa? Double standard.

Why did Wallace allow Biden to refuse to answer whether he’d pack the supreme court if the Democrats win yet he hounded Trump to tell us what he paid in taxes. This was a yes or no answer and Wallace let it slip through his fingers. Bill O’Reilly said it was journalistic malpractice to allow Biden to refuse to answer this question during a debate. People need to know before they vote for the clown. Way to go Wallace.

Biden says the next day that Trump’s behavior was a national disgrace? Kettle black much Biden? Biden used the most disrespectful language I’d ever heard in a debate since the Democrat primary. When he called the sitting POTUS a clown, the worst president in history, and everyone knows you’re a liar, he sounded like a bully on the playground. This guy has issues from childhood that are finally surfacing during his dementia.

Why was Biden allowed to get his answers from a paper on this podium? I saw him reading his pre-planned answer then looking up to speak. Still want to know that. Never seen that before. Then when it was over, he slipped the paperwork into his jacket. Biden is not only unfit to be president, he is unfit to run for president. He cheats and so does the left that wants to use “mail-in ballots.”

Mail-in ballots are for safety as masks are–both for political theater as exposed yesterday on a hot mic by two Democrat senators. “Let’s wear our masks for political theater” i.e. to look like we’re good citizens stopping the spread of covid. Reality is, if they wear masks it spreads fear and keeps their cities and schools shut down indefinitely. Mail-in ballots are for much the same, spreading fear of voting in person but also a recipe for fraud when in the wrong Democrat hands.

Although I love a good Whopper once and a while, Biden told too many at one sitting.


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