Mail-In Ballots: 9 Cases for Voter Fraud.

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We received unsolicited ballots in the mail even though we’ve never voted by mail. Let’s consider the ways voter fraud can occur:

  1. You recently moved but failed to give the registrars office your change of address. So your ballot went to the house you sold to the Joneses. Joneses who never really liked the way you left the house when you moved out receive your ballot in their mailbox. Here’s what could happen: “Hey honey we got a ballot addressed to the Smiths.” “Oh, hey lets mess with them and fill it out and mail it.” The Smiths go in person to the voting poll location and the volunteer says, “Sorry Mr. Smith we’ve already received mail-in ballots from you and your wife. Your names are checked off the list.” Then you’ll have to file some sort of dispute and your votes will not get counted until they catch the Joneses who committed voter fraud. But in the meantime, the Joneses voted twice, once on your behalf and once on theirs. Nightmare in the making.
  2. You don’t like either candidate and wasn’t planning on even voting this year but received a ballot in the mail. You tossed your ballot in the kitchen drawer. Then one day a very friendly stranger rings your doorbell and asks if you mailed in your ballot yet? You say no that you don’t feel like voting. They say they will help you fill it out. You still say no. Then they say, well if you’re not going to use it, can I buy it for $200? The homeowner feeling a little short this month says, “What the heck. No skin off my nose.” He sells his ballot which gets filled out and forged by the person harvesting the ballot. It could be years before that person is arrested for voter fraud but in the meantime your vote went to whoever that person voted for and you too committed voter fraud. Another nightmare scenario.
  3. You were confused on what to do with your unsolicited ballot and filled it out and mailed it in a timely manner; but then worried that it may get lost in the mail, so you go vote in-person too. If your name is still on the list, they’ll allow you to vote but you will have voted twice when the mailed-in ballot finally arrives and will throw off the real tally of votes until much later. Not really voter fraud if you tell them you sent yours in, but still another nightmare scenario for the election workers to figure out and which could cause the wrong candidate to win.
  4. You filled out the ballot and mailed in on November 3rd and went to vote in person as you knew it will not have reached there yet. You voted twice just to help your candidate win. You did not tell the volunteer. This is big time voter fraud, and you’ll be arrested long after possibly the wrong winner is chosen.
  5. You decided to send a mail-in ballot as instructed by your party incessantly instead of in-person voting. The mailman who is secretly an activist for one party thinks your ballot is in a predominantly Republican or Democrat neighborhood mailbox and nefariously decides to discard your ballot in a dumpster behind the grocery store on his way home from work. Your vote did not get counted at all. Yes, there are mailman activists just like any other job. Remember the Amazon workers.
  6. You live in a nursing home and were mailed a ballot. The nurse comes around and fills it out for you when you aren’t even cognitive to know the candidates. Then she has you sign it and mails it for you. May not be voter fraud but is definitely voter heavily influenced by someone you rely on for your daily needs. The nurse traded something of value in exchange for your ballot. She committed voter fraud.
  7. You’re an activist that volunteered for the counting of mail-in ballots and it’s a real close race. You see votes for the candidate you don’t want and you toss them aside in a special bin. They aren’t found until months later in the janitor’s storage closet. You will eventually be arrested but may have caused the wrong candidate to win in your city.
  8. The precinct which is doing the counting sees that their candidate of choice may lose and receives a phone call from someone, possibly the governor of the state, and tells them to stop the count.
  9. Overnight suspicious vehicles appear at this precinct with boxes of ballots coming from God knows where.

So you see there is too much reliance on the honor system for this method of voting to be accurate. As we know, not all people are the most honest tools in the shed. We see them everyday in the news for goodness sakes. No telling what schemes they have up their sleeves. They are not to be trusted for voting by mail. No way, no how, if we’re being honest. Trump said it all during the debate. “You know it and I know it, mail in ballots will be rife for fraud.” Something like that. And Biden mumbled under his breath, “No one does that” referring to people that threw out ballots in a creek or dumpster. Proofs in the pudding, Biden. Open your eyes and smell the fraud.

If someone is really unable to get to the polls, they should apply for an absentee ballot which requires proof of ID to receive one. It is mailed out to you and you mail it back. Your vote is not counted until after November 3rd, however, together with all the other mail-in ballots. It’s a nightmare in the making.

Mail-in ballots are a waste of taxpayer dollars as well as the mail processors’ time and is just the left’s next Insurance Plan G called: Crossfire Voter Chaos. This is why they didn’t want a ninth Supreme Court Justice to decide the outcome of their voter fraud scam.

In-person is the only honest way to vote.


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