Sad Day for America.

President Trump says he and first lady have tested positive for coronavirus  | The Texas Tribune

On a day when we hear that the president and his wife who have done so much to help other people with the virus, now have tested positive, it saddens me. Trump is the number one essential worker and has taken so much incoming lies from the left for four years, it has lowered his resistance to any illness.

Yesterday was a good example of this. He got inundated with questions regarding white supremacy which he has no connection to, but they wouldn’t let up. Even FOX News reporter John Roberts tried to make a name for himself and had a go at the press secretary forcing her to say something she had already said. It is cruel the way the press has treated our president, and they should all issue a collective apology. But I already hear the blame game going on. Blaming Trump for catching it due to his infrequent mask wearing.

When you have an important job like Trump’s, you cannot wear a mask at all times. And he doesn’t hide out in the basement like some do. We’ve all loosened up a bit on the rules, as we have covid fatigue. It is a syndrome, covid fatigue. I pray that Trump and Melania get NO serious symptoms of the virus and are back to normal soon. It is wakeup call, however, that the virus does not discriminate the color of your skin, your health care coverage, your political party, or your economic standing. It is an equal opportunity virus, not just blacks get it like Biden implied during the debate. He also accused Trump of only protecting himself from the virus and doesn’t care about others, well…this is clearly not the case.

Trump has the age, the weight, and apparently the blood type that the virus seems to attack. Blood type A+ does not do as well. I pray he gets no serious symptoms and is back to his campaign and running the country soon. During the debate Trump looked a little worn out and his eyes were reddened; he was coming down with something. Regardless of where he caught it, who he passed it to, and who might test positive next, we want our president healthy to save our country from the radical left.

The names that Biden called Trump during the debate should be retracted as it was not presidential of him yet yesterday he doubled down on them. He’s not fit to be president. The names that Nancy and Schumer have called him should be retracted. Maybe this is a wakeup call for the left to let up on him and have compassion for once in their lives, but I won’t hold my breath. I don’t go on facebook but I hear some are rejoicing this news and hoping for the worst. Anyone who wishes ill of the president and Melania, is an evil person and should look themselves in the mirror. And to those who are saying he’s faking this news, shame on you.




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