Let’s Get Another Thing Straight!


Covid 19, coronavirus, china virus, wuhan virus, whatever the heck you want to call it, is invisible! You won’t see the person carrying it like you do when someone is coughing, hacking, blowing their nose and all out looking ill. It can clearly be spread before someone has symptoms. It is spread from human to human. With that said, we are all vulnerable to catch it whether we wear a mask or not. We won’t know if our spouse or son or daughter or grandchild just passed it on to us. And if we are in an Essential Job, like the President of the United States, he took a chance everyday and night with his staff, reporters, visitors, and even his family. Unless Trump had some sort of 3D glasses that detects people with the virus, he was at risk just like leaders of three other countries.

We can’t know how everyone handles their own safety. We can’t even trust our spouses to wear protective gloves when pumping gas or talking to a grocery checker or taking a group selfie. We can’t control every person in our circle. We trust in God and that’s all we have aside from our own measures to protect ourselves. As said in the movie Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get.” And this is the chance we take with covid in a nutshell. We take a calculated risk everyday with our immediate family. But we all have covid fatigue. Remember Trump’s astute statement, “The cure can’t be worse than the disease.” In some states like California and New York it is.

Trump has gotten some bad karma, as they say, but not for being irresponsible, not payback, not deserving, not careless, not cavalier, not for anything he did or didn’t do, just some bad luck. He’s out there everyday fighting this virus in one way or another much like a soldier at battle. He took a hit. If he did anything wrong, it was working too hard and not hiding in a basement. You’d never say that a wounded soldier deserved it, yet this is what the left is spewing.

We can all get this bad luck. When I listened to what CNN, MSNBC, and other main stream media were spewing and some hate I read on Instagram, all I could think is careful what you say and wish on another. You may be in the same boat one day. One woman wrote, “Christmas came early” with many hands clapping. Dare to wonder what she’ll get for Christmas. This is why I’m not on facebook nor twitter. I scrolled down the comments and reported every post as “hate speech.” Give them a little taste of their own medicine. Apparently, when a doctor posts about the success of hydroxychloroquine on facebook, it is removed as inappropriate speech or some other nonsense. But the haters can wish death on the POTUS without getting called out? I…don’t…think…so. Report them as hate speech.

And to the Michael Moores and Don Lemons out there who are saying Trump has faked this illness to take the narrative off his debate performance or to get out of the next debate, you are not in the position to be mocking anyone with covid when you yourself are in the high risk category for not faring well if you catch it. Trump doesn’t run from a challenge, he embraces it. Trump is clever but not devious like they think. Too bad they still can’t read Trump after four years. And they call themselves reporters or journalists but really just activists.

And for the members of Congress that have been vilifying the president while he is lying in the hospital, like Nancy and others, you really should be careful. This virus does not discriminate between parties or gender but it does like older people and Nancy is pretty old and frail. And when Nancy is prancing in Chinatown and going into salons without a face covering, she’s really not one to talk. And when Feinstein is caught at the airport without a mask, she’s not one to talk. Remember it is political theater when they wear face masks. They are all basically hypocrites. Their day will come. These characters don’t deserve our president.

But anyone thinking of voting for Biden, careful what you wish for. Be afraid…be very afraid. Biden is an empty vessel that spews out foulmouthed language everyday. He is not fit to be president, mentally or physically. He will be run by the far left Bernie and AOC crew as he signed onto their manifesto. He denied it during the debate, but he denied everything Trump accused him of. Wallace’s questions of Biden went nowhere as there was no follow up to his lies or refusal to answer.

Trump on the other hand was coming down with covid and was slightly off his game. You could see he didn’t look like himself. During the next debate, the moderator they chose can’t hold a candle to Trump. Trump will eat his lunch…and dinner, if he interrupts him. The guy’s a wimp from CSPAN. From what I saw during the last debate, Wallace covered for Biden and constantly shutdown Trump in midsentence. It was journalist malpractice and he should be held accountable at FOX. Maybe fine him like they do athletes. That’ll teach him to either be fair or just go work for NBC already instead of whining on interviews about Trump’s behavior.

Wishing Trump and Melania a speedy recover. We miss them! Trump has gotten more well wishes from other countries than he has from our politicians here. Where’s JEB, George, Kasich, Mrs. McCain, Colin Powel, or the Clintons? Cowardly hiding in their basements wishing ill will? Shame on all of them. Trump even got a shout out from Kim Jong Un. Amazing.


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