SNL Should Be Embarrassed.



To cast energetic, nimbly Jim Carrey as slow, sleepy Joe Biden was malpractice for a casting director. Reality is, Joe looked like a corpse behind the podium that had just been embalmed, you could almost smell the formaldehyde through the tv screen. But Jim Carrey comes out guns-a-blazing and dancing on stage? And to portray Trump as confused was also malpractice. We must have watched a different debate.

Joe stood there bumfuzzled throughout half the debate and looking up in the air for answers or to his hidden mic. Joe looked perplexed when Trump brought up the Logan Act like he was thinking we never planned on this coming up. I could read his mind. The Hunter attacks threw him off too. He knew Wallace wouldn’t bring up Hunter, but couldn’t believe Trump made the strategic switch from Beau to Hunter in mid colloquy. It was genius of Trump. All Biden could do to dismiss Trump’s attacks was laugh. He practiced to laugh during the debate whenever Trump called him out. It was Trump, who was coming down with covid, that came out guns-a-blazing, not slow, sleepy Joe. In fact, Trump in a hospital bed with covid is better than Joe on his best day. PERIOD. But as usual the left tries to change and spin the narrative.

We know the left is trying to use Trump’s illness as an opportunity to take him out while he is recuperating. Remember their mantra: Never let a crisis go to waste. But Trump supporters and Independents have sympathy for what Trump is going through and it may look bad to be kicking someone when they’re down. I notice Biden has sicced Bernie on Trump. But Eric Holder once said, “When they go low, we kick them.” They are ruthless fighters and everything is politics with them. They have no compassion, no sympathy, no empathy for anyone, let alone Trump. It’s not in their DNA.

Poor Chris Christie now is hospitalized with covid and several other spectators tested positive including Senator Tillis who attended the Supreme Court Nomination ceremony. Senator Thom Tillis wore a mask throughout the ceremony and Christy didn’t, so this proves masks are worthless to the person without covid. If one has it, wearing a mask would have prevented the spread. Trump was right all along as well as Fauci in the beginning. Rule of thumb, wear a mask if you feel it will help you in crowded situations but it’s more of a false sense of security. But if you have any symptoms, stay home and call your doctor for a test, please. If you are in high risk age, avoid crowds, strangers and your job until this virus passes.

We don’t need to quarantine the whole population, and we shouldn’t have before either. That was a mistake by the experts who advised it. It only hurt the economy not saved lives. Only seniors should have been quarantined for a month, not the rest of the population. This forced younger folks to be stuck home with their senior parents or grandparents and that could have spread it more. The only good thing we did was stopping flights from China, Europe, and Mexico. We also made the mistake of allowing cruise ships to continue cruising on the advice of goofy Fauci who also said dating is fine. My common sense said, this will not turn out well. And it didn’t.

Bottom line: The media can spin all they want regarding Biden and Trump, but the truth will always prevail just like it is regarding crooked Hillary and her family, including her daughter Chelsea, Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Strzok, Page and the others. All scoundrels that should be behind bars, but we have Deep State members still working in the FBI like Chris Wray, the coverup artist.



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