A Month From the Election, How Do We Look?

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com


We’ve been hit with a few October surprises that came early. The President of the United States is in the hospital with one of the most deadly viruses in my lifetime, many of his staff have contracted the same disease, the media and Democrats are virus-blaming Trump while he’s recovering, the media and Democrats are accusing Trump’s doctors of a cover up, the media and Democrats are claiming victorious in the first debate, the House is trying to hold up Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing due to covid, the House won’t pass a stimulus bill for millions who are suffering from the shutdowns, the Democrat-run states refuse to reopen up their economy, Biden has come out of his basement as though he is suddenly safe from covid, millions of acres of California forest is burning, millions of mail-in ballots are being sent to God knows who, and Trump is down in the polls. Could things get any worse?

With all these October surprises, I feel like the last shoe hasn’t dropped yet. Maybe a shoe that helps Trump for a change. Maybe the Durham Report will finally get the dust wiped off of it and released, maybe one or more of the culprits involved in the coup to take down Trump will get indicted, maybe Hunter Biden will be officially investigated for the monies he has received while his father was VP, maybe Trump will get the balls to fire Chris Wray who is clearly covering for the FBI past and present, maybe the FDA will approve a vaccine for production, maybe a few states will finally reopen, maybe the schools will reopen nationally, maybe the media will grow a conscience and finally be sympathetic to Trump’s health, maybe the rioters will stop and go home to mommy, maybe Pence will clearly win the debate against Kamala, maybe Trump will actually get the two Nobel Peace Prizes he was nominated for, maybe coronavirus will suddenly disappear and the skies will open and the sun will shine through and rain will put out all the fires allowing everyone to vote in person for Trump. Miracles have happened before. But I won’t hold my breath.

My point is, we have our work cut out for us. We are up against an incoming tsunami of bad luck whether it is caused by the Democrats or not, we still have to deal with it. Hopefully Trump will be released from the hospital with no lingering side effects of the disease and that he can get back on the campaign trail. Maybe he can have a fresh, humble perspective on how the disease works and relay it to the folks in a clear and precise way. Maybe a stimulus plan will get passed soon along with the approval of Amy Coney Barrett as the next Supreme Court Justice. These are all good things. But is it enough for a Trump victory?

Why would protesters still be rioting in the streets of Seattle? They got what they wanted, they put Trump in the hospital. But they don’t stop as they are being controlled by the left to do as much destruction prior to the election as possible. Otherwise Biden would ask for calm, but you see he won’t. I have no doubt that Trump will win the next two debates. I think he won the first one, but the subtleties went over the public’s head. He had several silent knockout punches to Biden, but the low information voters wouldn’t understand. Hopefully, the next moderator won’t be out to make a name for himself and just let the two duke it out.

We need to pray for a miracle to help Trump win, otherwise we are doomed to a generation of socialist-run country by a bunch of loony tune nuts who wouldn’t be able to create a job if their life depended on it and our retirement plans will dwindle to nothing as well as pensions and social security. Careful what you wish for liberals, you may just regret it.



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