Who’s the Real Typhoid Mary?

The New York American

In the early 1900s, an Irish cook named Mary Mallon made the rounds in New York City, cooking for various wealthy families. She left a wave of infection in her wake. Scientists eventually discovered that she was a healthy carrier of typhoid fever, meaning that she carried the bacteria that causes typhoid but showed no outward symptoms. Mallon became immortalized as Typhoid Mary, a nickname that came to symbolize the spread of disease.

If you listened to main stream media you’d think Trump was “Typhoid Trump” and has been spreading covid 19 to everyone in the White House to the secret service to the crowd in front of Walter Reed to the Rose Garden to the press room to the stage of the last debate. Really?

Trump caught the disease around the same time as many others but the Democrats and main stream media are victim shaming him. He’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t get the disease. And no matter what he says about it, he’s damned. He’d be better off saying nothing and having no firsthand knowledge because whatever he says or does, they nitpick to death.

There have been three White House reporters that contracted covid 19 prior to Trump and his staff, so where are they? Did they continue working after knowing they had it? Is one of them the real Typhoid Mary? Were they at the Rose Garden Ceremony? Was this sort of a silent terror attack on our top Republican officials? Is there someone behind all this? Two can play the blame game.

Rush Limbaugh says he doesn’t believe in coincidences, much like Freud. Too many Republicans caught it around the same time. It does smell. And the Democrats quickly jump to the conclusion that the hearing of Amy Coney Barrett, (Trump’s conservative pick to get the majority of conservatives in the Supreme Court for a generation) has to be postponed? Ulterior motive much?

But as typical, instead of the Democrats wishing Trump and Melania a speedy recovery all they could do is mask-shame and victim-shame them. He got what he deserved. Some of them saying God (who they don’t believe in) is punishing Trump. It’s laughable. But we heard that masks are political theater. Bunch of hypocrites. Wait till they start coming down with the same and spreading it to their staff. It’s just a matter of time. Nancy is the typical example of hypocrisy going to the salon maskless then shaming Trump for being maskless at rallies. She better be careful, or she’ll eat those words. Karma is a bleep!

The real typhoid Mary Mallon was born with typhoid fever and wherever she worked she unknowingly spread it to others. She was asymptomatic, born in Cookstown, Ireland, and ironically became a cook. And boy, oh boy, did she cook up havoc wherever she went. It spread to everyone she prepared food for.

There may be someone asymptomatic in the circle around the White House, but it’s not Trump. Maybe they need to check the White House chef, kitchen staff, or each and everyone of the White House reporters.


Watch out Democrats, you may be next. Remember covid does not discriminate between parties. Although if you watch main stream media, you’d think only Republicans are getting it. I’m quite sure if a prominent Democrat came down with covid, it would be buried by the media. Just watch for them to mysteriously disappear from the camera.


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