From Fear of Covid to Fear of Criminality…


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This is where we are one week after the death of George Floyd.  Our fears have changed.  Covid what?  How much can our blood pressure take?  Citizens are scared to death that their children will not only be living in an unhealthy country but now an unsafe city someday.  They are really scared. We can only take so much.  Something has to give.

The truth is, if this nonsense continues we WILL be living in an unsafe country and possibly unhealthy too.  That’s why it has to stop soon before there is anymore damage.  How the senseless death of one Black man can turn our country into a country overrun with savages baffles me.  White men, women, and police get killed everyday too.  No one takes to the streets for White deaths. Remember the five cops in Dallas that got shot sniper-style during the Obama Administration?  No one cared except the men in blue.

How can this one death by a rogue cop cause such devastation? When Kate Steinle got shot on the pier in San Francisco by an illegal a few years back, did we go to the streets and protest?  Not that I recall.  When Seth Rich got killed assassination-style in a nice part of town, we didn’t take to the streets. Investigators were told to stand down by the powers that be. Obama maybe.

If only the holder of the cell phone that took the video of George Floyd had intervened and stopped the cops from hurting him, we’d have a whole different story.  He’d be a hero. When he heard the words, “I can’t breathe,” he should have dropped his cell phone, ran up to the scene, and yelled, “Stop!  He can’t breathe! Let go of him!” But the holder of the cell phone was not a hero. He cared more about how many clicks he’d get on his video.  He was selfish and uncaring of the death of a Black man. He should have followed the Good Samaritan Law:

“Good Samaritan laws are written to encourage bystanders to get involved in these and other emergency situations without fear that they will be sued if their actions inadvertently contribute to a person’s injury or death. This is important as seconds often count in an emergency and giving first aid before the ambulance arrives can be the difference in whether someone lives or dies.” Laborers’ Union

So you see, this unfortunate death of George Floyd has been hijacked by the left to label Trump, of all people, a white supremacist as a last ditch attempt to hurt his chances in November.  This fateful death had zero to do with Trump. It occurred in a liberal state with a liberal governor and a liberal mayor and probably a liberal chief of police. Nothing to do with Trump. But all this feigned outrage may backfire as even the gullibles can tell that Trump is trying to put an end to the chaos. Taylor Swift says very cluelessly in a tweet, Trump is a white supremacist and is the cause of the riots. She knows nothing about Trump or anything for that matter.

Celebrities to date have raised 20 million to bail out these looters and get them back on the streets to continue looting, killing, and destroying our cities while they sit comfortably behind their gated properties. Thanks Hollywood, I always knew you were good for something.

Karma is a beech and I suspect they will get their just deserts in due time for all the havoc they have caused all of us.  So forget about toilet paper as no one is ransacking the stores for it any longer. But maybe check out your local gun shop before they run out.  If this madness doesn’t stop soon, we’ll all need protection.




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