Democrats Are Behind the Civil Disobedience.

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Those young folks lying in the middle of the road in Portland look like idiots.  It’s embarrassing to be part of this country with people acting like this. These are “good for nothings” as I can’t see any good in them.  They are paid for by Democrats and Hollywood is bailing them out of jail. These protests are not organic, grown from the grief these loons are feeling.  Quite the opposite.

Yes, paid for by Democrats.  You’ve been caught.  These lowlife looters and vandals are not organic. You send in truck loads of bricks to cities for the vandals to use as projectiles at police. These delinquents do not value life, anyone’s life– not even a Black man. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be shooting Black policemen. Bricks are suspiciously appearing near protest sites not construction sites. The FBI is investigating how these pallets of bricks appeared; and when they find out, we’ll know who is backing these violent demonstrations.  George Soros and Obama must be shaking in their boots if they are behind all this. Remember who was behind the fake Russia Collusion?  All roads lead to Obama, and he is suspiciously silent.

Eight police have been shot or seriously injured in one night yet no one cares.  There are no outcries for the senseless deaths of our men in blue defending our cities.  No marches on their behalf. Sixty secret service have been injured by bricks. These brick-yielding cockroaches need to spend a long time in prison if caught.  But, of course, New York has a get out of jail free program, so they will be released and sent back to their looting and killing.  Mayor deBlasio and Cuomo are taking their marching orders from the Democrat Party and their hands are tied.  They can’t do anything to stop the violence without their approval. Thus the feigned blaming and outrage.

Here’s what’s going on in Santa Rosa, CA.:

“SRPD officers gave the order to disperse, but most people did not disperse and leave the area.  The unlawful assembly began to walk throughout the Junior College and McDonald neighborhoods.  They fired-off fireworks in residential neighborhoods and residents reports that people were throwing rocks at their vehicles, which were parked on the road and in driveways.  At the same time, a small group of people returned to downtown and were reported to have been breaking windows and looting local businesses.  SRPD officers quickly responded and arrested several people.” SRPD

Keep in mind.  Santa Rosa did not have a police brutality problem or a racial component before this. It is predominately a White area. But it is totally run by liberals.  This has all been stirred up through social media and is spreading from town to town. It is “cool” to demonstrate and destroy. Man, how easily our mushy minds are influenced by the media. It seems to be becoming a trend or revolution or resist movement not police brutality or racial inequality.  Maybe Sanders and AOC are behind all this.

And why did Elizabeth Warren and husband show up outside the White House with the rioters?  Hmmm.  We’ll soon find out, and they will be exposed. Or is it all a smokescreen to get the public’s eyes off the Barr Investigation of the Dirty Top Cops, Comey et al? The Democrats are desperate right now and running out of time.  They will stop at nothing and will try anything.

Guess what?  You looters and vandals look horrible and most people with a brain won’t vote Democrat because you caused the riots. You know nothing about racial tension or racial inequality, yet you are lying in the middle of a road like roadkill.  You look pathetic and must be trying to make yourself relevant.  Guess what?  You’re not.

You are very forgettable and as soon as this avoidable mayhem is over, you’ll be back in your bedrooms scanning Facebook posts, clicking on Like, and waiting for your next project. What a great accomplishment you have made to America. You were part of the destruction of many cities.  At least during the Vietnam War, sit-ins and marchers did not destroy our fine cities. These animals today have no idea what peaceful marches are about.  Congratulations! You give new meaning to peacefully assemble.



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