Every Life Matters to Me.

photo of people standing near each other
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

White lives, black lives, purple lives, blue lives, yellow lives, brown lives, orange lives, they all matter to me.  No one race should be held above another.  We were all created equal in the eyes of God.  So, therefore, we don’t need to have these separate groups at all.

We get what we get when we’re born. We get the parents we were born to, the economic class we were born into, the color of skin we were born with, the city we were born in, and the house we were born in. We don’t get to choose.  Whether we are born into wealth or poverty or something in between, we all have one thing in common:  a mother’s love.  Sometimes that’s all one needs to be happy in life and if you have a father’s love too, great.  We need to learn to be more thankful for what we were born with.  Whatever hand we were dealt, we need to strive to make it better.

Today is some silly #blackouttuesday on Instagram meant to respect #Blacklivesmatter, I guess.  After last night’s mayhem, where cops of both color were beaten and shot, is it really the time for this on Instagram?  The FBI has said that 18.5 more cops of all color die at the hands of Blacks than vice versa. These are facts.

I’m reading quotes on Instagram that people feel guilty now for being White. This is their endgame?  Make everyone feel guilty for being White so you’ll vote for Democrats or any party that has a Black on the ticket.  Guess that leaves Trump out. That’s how Obama won–from White guilt.  Guess what?  You fell for it.

These guilt quotes come from the likes of Taylor Swift and Rosanna Arquette.  They have rich, White, blonde guilt.  I don’t.  Every dime we earned was from the old fashion way.  It’s called working.

My mother’s brother was shot in a robbery by a Black man in L.A. I went to his funeral.  Did my mother raise me with hate for Blacks? No.  Did my grandmother ever express hate for Blacks. No.  Whatever they felt, they kept it to themselves.

Respect all people of all color from all backgrounds, and we’ll all be better off.  Someone said the other day that we need to invite a Black family to our home for dinner.  Well, I don’t know any Black families and have never had a Black neighbor so this will be hard to do. It’s hard enough these days to invite a White couple for dinner with all the division in thoughts.  One of my sons had a Black friend from high school, and we were always very nice to him. Does that count?  I’m not feeling guilty.

Just because we were born White does not make us guilty of anything. I’m not a bleeding heart liberal; that is obvious, but let’s not try to turn people into one. Because my father put food on the table during tough times does not make me feel guilty of anything. Because I worked hard to make something of myself as an adult does not make me feel guilty of anything. Because we saved to put our sons through college does not make me feel guilty of anything. None of this is reason for us to feel guilty. We won’t do it.

I suspect all this White guilt nonsense is the Democrats’ endgame to take the presidency from Trump.  Covid wasn’t working well enough as states were reopening and no one was dropping dead in the streets so this is their next plan.  It will be full court press from here on out.  Expect everything, but don’t fall for anything. But remember it was Republicans that were AGAINST slavery and Democrats were FOR slavery.  Case closed.



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