When the Left Gets Caught in Their Own Web, Their Movement Ends.


pink and orange spider near black and yellow insect on a spider web during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


When the #metoo movement landed directly on Biden’s front doorstep, it suddenly ended.  Amazing how that happened. When the “defund police movement” hits a prominent Democrat personally, it will suddenly end. For instance, if Pelosi’s daughter has to call 9-1-1 and gets a “sorry this number is no longer in use” message, the “defund police movement” will suddenly end. Or if a prominent celebrity (not Rosanna Arquette) that happens to own a boutique, restaurant, or pup, gets vandalized by the BLM and tries to call for help, it will suddenly end.  It’s as simple as that.

The left pushes their agenda until they are caught in the web they spun, like it did Matt Lauer, Chris Matthews, and Kevin Spacey.  They didn’t see that coming. When their movements hit too close to home for them, it suddenly ends. Maybe if one of these celebrities that has a statue of himself that gets vandalized, the “removal of statues movement” will end too. One can only hope.

So we’ll have to wait for this to happen before the “occupy city” efforts end as well as riots, burning, and vandalism because the local authorities are clueless.  Seattle construction crews are amazingly erecting concrete barriers for these lowlife children to protect them from outsiders’ vehicles.

BLM is getting huge donations from NIKE, Adidas, and Walmart; but they don’t use the money to help the underprivileged black children or schools or anything relating to black inequality. Just to fund more disruption in America. BLM is nothing more than a domestic terror group along with Antifa and Occupy Wall Street. This money should have been sent to the store owners that were looted or burned down by BLM. Instead they are rewarding criminal behavior. Shame on NIKE, Adidas, and Walmart among others for being cowardice.

The point is: it’s not about who the statue is of or who owns the store they vandalize or who sexually harassed someone on the job, or the race of a person killed by cop; it’s about destroying traditional America: its values, its law and order, its constitution, its religion, its businesses, and its history with any excuse they can use to disrupt i.e. police brutality, sexual harassment, slavery, capitalism, global warming etc.

One lowlife on the street admitted that in order to make change, we have to destroy everything and start over. Wiping the slate clean so the lazy, cowardice Elois can start their Green New World agenda of eating fruit whilst sitting by the river and singing Peter, Paul, and Mary songs.

The Time Machine Poject-Eloi and Morlocks

And their first order of business is getting rid of their biggest obstacle this November: The big bad boogeyman, Trump. Trump is the epitome of everything they are against.

Stay tuned.


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