“Law and Order” President Can’t Catch a Break.


Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on Pexels.com

No matter what he says, tweets, or does, the left will criticize.  Unbeknownst to Trump, he planned his first rally on a day that seems to be important to the Blacks and got vilified. It was a day I’d never heard of before this, but the media made a big deal about it. So Trump changes the day and now the media are going after his next rally as being insensitive to the Blacks as well.  He can’t catch a break.

What do they do, look up the day Trump plans a rally then go on google to see if a Black person did something remarkable on that very same day?  Colin Powell’s first child was born. Obama’s mother died. MLK’s aunt got married. Susan Rice defended Benghazi on five news channels.  See what I mean? Trump needs to ignore these nuts. This is getting preposterous, but it is their next game plan.  Revisit the same ol’ theme that Trump is racist.  They tried it before and it seemed to work, so why not again?

Remember when the media went crazy that Trump held up the Bible in front of the burned church outside the White House?  It was a strong message to us of strength and that we won’t be intimidated by thugs. But the media turned it into a Bible-shaming and crowd-dispersing issue to the point of one military officer having to apologize on camera.  Trump can’t catch a break.

They are also targeting the cops.  Since Trump is the “law and order” president, why not vilify the cops?  Set them up as much as possible until the election, get them fired and arrested or have them defunded so they’ll quit, making them look corrupt.  This is their game plan. People will begin to hate cops and, in turn, vote against Trump. He can’t catch a break.

Remember when punks were throwing water on the NYC police and deBlasio told them to stand down and take it?  Now look where we are. If you give punks an inch these punks grow up to be thugs and now we are all in trouble. They should have done something three years ago.

The reason they are challenging Trump’s rallies is not about the date or social distancing, it’s about putting a wet blanket on his campaign like Biden’s is. Biden can’t hold a rally as he’d probably not draw a crowd over 10,000 folks and can’t talk coherently for long periods, so better to just go after Trump’s rallies. Put a stop to them or “rally shame” everyone.

The media were all for the protesters breaking the social distancing rules in honor of George Floyd but Trump breaking them?  Not so much. The double standard is deafening. Trump had to change the RNC Convention from North Carolina to Florida due to the Governor being a nevertrumper who claimed he couldn’t risk lives at a convention. Trump can’t catch a break.

This just boils down to the left against the right.  Nothing to do with racism or social distancing to save lives. It’s all about the election.  That’s all it has been from the beginning of the riots. It’s nothing to do with black lives mattering. Now we have cities being taken over by loons in the name of “who knows what” CHAZ, CHOP, whatever. It’s a group of lawless children that are anti-police, anti-government, anti-trump, anti-work, anti-statues, anti-success, anti-rich, anti-history, and anti-capitalism. Everything for free is the name of their game and getting Trump out of office. Sounds more like angry former Bernie and Warren voters.

Removing statues from our cities should be stopped by the police.  These vandals need to be arrested. Now they want to change the names of our military camps and some cities like Fort Bragg and the local authorities are considering it!  It’s sickening.

Now old Fauci is back to the mic as he has media withdrawal pains. He’s claiming that a return to normalcy won’t be until next year.  Wow!  What a Benedict Arnold he has become to Trump. And to top it off, the FDA has reported that HCQ (which was praised by Trump) could be dangerous to a patient with covid (even though it saves lives if taken early on). Who got to them, is my question?  Fauci is waiting for a big vaccine deal where he scores. Doesn’t want anything like HCQ getting in his way.

From the Nevertrumpers like Bush, Romney, Powell, Murkowski to half the media to the science experts to the Deep State, Trump can’t catch a break! 

So in closing, no matter what Trump says, tweets, or does from now until election day, he’ll be criticized.  He could bring Peace to the Middle East and they’d criticize it. So let’s cut him a break at the polls next November.







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