As Limbaugh said, “Don’t Believe a Word We Hear or Read in the News From Now Until Election Day.”

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And this weekend proved that.  If you read the fake news or listened to reporting on the Brooks death by cop, you’d think two cops just singled out a black man on the way to his daughter’s birthday and shot him in the back.  The spin the news is putting on this story is utterly absurd and almost against all journalistic ethics but Rush was right.  “Ignore them.”

The fake news turned a routine stop and arrest into a racial issue.  Black employees of Wendy’s called the police to get Brooks out of the drive up window line. He was drunk and passed out in his car. When you resist arrest, no matter what your race is, you seal your fate. You take a chance by running away from the police especially after stealing a weapon from them. If it had been a gun, he would have shot at police.

The media is fanning the waves of racism to hurt Trump in November, even FNC.  They encouraged the protesters to burn down Wendy’s before it was even broken into or looted.  A bush was burning out front and the news kept reporting, “Wendy’s is on fire!”  They lie, spin, and persuade stories.  This is not reporting news; it is swaying, impacting, and instigating the news.

They also kept reporting that the fire department couldn’t get close to Wendy’s due to street protesters.  Another lie unless my eyes are lying.  The streets had a spattering of onlookers and fire trucks can get where they want by running over sidewalks to stop a fire.  But they were no where to be found.  They were probably told to “stand down” by the Black police chief no doubt.  This all feeds into their narrative of chaos and anarchy which they think will help them win in November. Remember JEB predicted that Trump would have a chaos presidency, well.., nothing like creating what you predicted.

Don’t listen, read, or watch the news from now until November unless you enjoy being lied to or stick with Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, or Watters. Other than them, take even FNC with a grain of salt.  We are not getting the truth.  Remember how they lied about Hillary being ahead of Trump in the polls?  Remember how they lied about Russia Collusion?  Remember how they lied about Ukraine phone call?  Now they are saying Trump is falling in the polls due to his handling of the George Floyd death. I guess when their lie about his handling of coronavirus failed, they had to find a new failure. This is it. Well…from now on, the lies will get more preposterous and appalling.

They have a dunce running for president in the Democrat Party.  He doesn’t know what day it is, nor anything for that matter.  He had a sad sack mask hanging from one ear reminiscent of a Ben Stiller scene from There’s Something about Mary.  It was pitiful. It is truly sad, but they are using him to “slip in” their president of choice.  They will pick his VP, not Biden.

Don’t be surprised if it’s no one on his (their) “short list”.  Michelle is waiting in the wings and so is her husband. :/

Stay tuned.




7 thoughts on “As Limbaugh said, “Don’t Believe a Word We Hear or Read in the News From Now Until Election Day.”

  1. I don’t think anyone lied about Hillary being ahead of Trump in the polls because the polls were largely undermined. I think people in the people being polled lied. Steven Levitt, who coauthored “Freakonomics,” underscored voters’ propensity to answer a poll in a way which made them feel better (when they were speaking with a pollster) as opposed to their vote in the privacy of the voting booth. For example, David Dinkins narrowly defeated Rudy Giulaini in the race for mayor of New York City, despite holding a 15 percent lead in the polls leading up. I can’t help but wonder whether anyone lied about the polls, or whether voters are inconsistent between how they answer polls and how they vote. Thoughts?


  2. I think the pollsters are skewed toward calling more independents and democrats versus republicans. I don’t think people lie about who they’ll vote for. That was another fake news report as an excuse for why the polls were off. It was a close race and polling can never be that accurate. I rarely answer polling calls any longer as I’m sure others don’t either. And some of the questions they’ll ask, depending on who’s doing the poll, will be left leaning. But there’s no reason for people to lie to a stranger about who they are voting for…maybe to their friends. Another problem with polling is the cell phone. Pollsters may call one’s cell and their hard line and it will double the vote from one person in the same poll. There’s just no accurate count of people’s phones any longer. It’s a mess. Thanks for your thoughts.


    1. Yes, if we’ve learned anything, it should be that polls are not always accurate. I wonder if the fact that you rarely answer polling calls might contribute to the left-leaning outcomes of data though? What if you answered the questions in those calls – might it be different? If your peers followed the same protocol, then responses would be skewed to the left. I don’t know, to be certain. Just playing Devil’s advocate.
      What I do hope my friends on the left don’t do is look at survey results and think that the election will be a landslide in Biden’s favour. That was the narrative in 2016, but when Election Day came around, polling data gave way to the voice of the people.


      1. No one I know answers calls from unknown numbers or 800 numbers or 888 numbers so maybe. They will look at the caller ID and say, “It’s just spam.” I wouldn’t mind answering a poll call but I get so many other cold sales calls or charity calls that I get tired of saying, “Not right now.” Do you really think Biden will win? :/


      2. Yeah, I get you. I typically ignore the random 800 numbers as spam most of the time. I wonder if and how that skews the data.
        I don’t think Joe Biden will win. An incumbent president who does well on the economy and retains a substantial size of his original base typically has a leg up on any other contender. What I fear is that people see poll numbers and think this will be an easy win for Biden. If so, we’ve learned nothing from, say, 2016.


      3. I think everyone who supported Hillary voted. She had the “I’m with Her” voters. From what I deduced from folks calling into radio, not from facebook and other media outlets, was that Trump would win in 2016, so I wasn’t that surprised. Some lifelong Democrats were appalled by Hillary’s obstruction of justice and couldn’t vote for her. Probably voted green party or gave Trump a chance.

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      4. I think you’re right. Never thought of the radio outlet. I relied on my Facebook friends’ mentalities and some mainstream media outlets and was thoroughly shocked in 2016. But I realize that many people, yourself included, saw that coming. Not going to make that mistake again.


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