Covid Has Exposed a New Kind of Illness, “Covid Shaming Disorder.”


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Hate, jealousy, and resentment of Trump and his supporters are the cause of this Covid Shaming Disorder.  Before it was Trump Derangement Syndrome but now we have a spin off.

We’ve all sacrificed these past few months in the name of health, but the Democrats want to covid-shame us if we start to get our lives back in order.  If you ask one of them afflicted with this disorder to do anything outdoors, they will covid-shame you.  Then they will run through a litany of what they have had to sacrifice like the rest of us haven’t.  It’s sick. They are trying to be martyrs; trying to make us think they are better than us. Don’t fall for it.

They AREN’T acting like this in the name of their health. Quite the opposite. They are using covid as an excuse to distance themselves from us for being Republican and voting for Trump.  It’s quite clear to me they have become afflicted with Covid Shaming Disorder. Thank God my more moderate members of my immediate family have not used covid as an excuse to distance themselves any longer, just my far left members that weren’t nice before covid. Now they have an excuse to be cold, unkind, and hateful.  It’s quite telling. They’ve even joined BLM and are BLM-shaming us.

We all hear the mask-wearing press reporters mask-shaming the press secretary and the president daily.  Why won’t you wear a mask? Why won’t the president wear one? It is so dumb.  Mask-shaming is another symptom of covid shaming disorder.  I experienced it recently when I went to a casino that finally reopened. I got mask-shamed by a couple when I sat down by myself.  They glared at me with their masked faces.  It gave me the creeps. It was like something out of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I half expected them to point their arms at me and scream. I should have said, “Take a picture, it lasts longer,” an oldie but goodie. Masks were optional and I chose to sit alone not near anyone. We are all responsible for our own health and making good choices.  Otherwise, it’s not a free country.

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Look at Biden’s response to Trump’s rally today.  It looked so off putting with large circles painted on the floor around chairs spread so far apart.  Talk about trying to shame Trump for having a rally.  This is all this was about. Rally-shaming or we’re better than you. Then he gave a weird speech that no one knew was over until he walked away.  And this guy thinks he can beat Trump?  I don’t think so. He spaces out in mid-sentence.

Susan Rice says Trump supporters should be on a garbage pile heap along with his senators. Wow, and she wants to be picked for VP?  Can you even imagine Pence saying something like this about Democrats?  No.  Nancy and the media are trying to claim that covid will spread if Trump holds a rally, yet they have been encouraging masses of protesters in every state across the nation. The hypocrisy is blinding.

Judge Jeanine said that the Democrats are doing everything to stop the economy from coming back.  They want no businesses to reopen. They are selfish people. They’d rather ruin the economy even more if it will help defeat Trump in November. This is reopening-shaming.  But this is what we’re dealing with.

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Another symptom of this disease is the destruction of historical statues across America.  They are tearing them down. They are removing historical portraits in the Capitol Building in the name of erasing the history of slavery.  They also want to rename the Aunt Jemina bottle of syrup. What will they call it, Aunt Michelle?  They also want to ban Paw Patrol, Dirty Harry, and any movie with cops as heroes in it. This is slavery-shaming and cop-shaming.  The more they cancel, the more our children will be brainwashed growing up, if not already.  Look at the protesters, most of them are the product of liberal upbringing and education along with liberal college professors.

We all know that covid doesn’t have one party that it infects.  It is an equal opportunity virus. Yet the Democrats say that when Republicans get together they are spreading it; but when the left does, they don’t.  They must think we’re stupid.  But, maybe not, as I remember one brainchild congresswoman said that mostly Republicans will die from covid.  Maybe they’re just stupid. That didn’t happen as most deaths were in the predominately Democrat NYC run by the incompetent Governor Cuomo otherwise known as “Grandma killer”and mostly of Black race. Hmmm.

So whether you are mask-shamed, rally-shamed, distance-shamed, BLM-shamed, slavery-shamed, reopening-shamed, or cop-shamed, it is all a symptom of Covid Shaming Disorder. They’ll say, don’t take it personally; but DO take it personally. It’s a spin off of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and they’re using covid as an excuse to release their hate, jealousy, and resentment of Trump and his supporters.  No doubt in my mind. Just watch the press room reporters in action. They are all suffering from Covid Shaming Disorder!





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