Orchestrated Campaign to “Not Attend Trump’s Rally” is Evidence of Dems’ Sickness.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Apparently the left thinks they pulled off something remarkable by reserving tickets to Trump’s rally and not showing up.  One 60 year old bragged about ordering 300 tickets.  The rest were demented teenagers on some stupid TicToc App. This is something they are proud of?  Wow!  If I had raised children to behave in this manner, they’d be grounded.  But a 60 year old doing this?  Shame, shame, shame on all of them.

Here the media was complaining all week that Trump’s rally would have too many people at it spreading covid. But they knew all along it was a set up.  This is the kind of game they want to play to win the election?  Plans to sabotage the attendance at rallies?  Can you even imagine if the Republicans did the same to poor old Biden?  It would be front page news saying Republicans are cruel and heartless.  But I’m hearing crickets today from the media.  If anything they will point out how many empty seats there were. These are stone cold sick people Trump has to deal with as he demonstrated during his rally last night.

AOC is claiming that Trump’s campaign is incompetent for not knowing that people who reserved tickets wouldn’t come. She is behind this plan to sabotage. And who does she work for?  Biden.  I guess Trump’s campaign has to be clairvoyant now too. Biden is old and senile but he has always been dripping in scandal, so Trump needs to watch his back.

To the sick individuals who ordered tickets and were “no shows,” there’s a book you may want to open.  It’s called The Bible.  In it there is a famous scripture known as the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.” How would one of these “participation trophy” teenagers feel if they planned a party and half their friends didn’t show? They’d be crying to mommy.

Learn the Golden Rule and live it, and your life will be more rewarding.  Those that don’t live by it, live a rather unhappy life.  I have seen evidence of it over the years. Just saying.  The way these kids are starting out doesn’t look very promising for these culprits.

Despite the sabotage, Trump’s rally was energizing and refreshing.  He was also so comedic with skits that most comedians couldn’t pull off.  He was back! But what was greedy and shameful was taking tickets from those that wanted to attend and sit inside.  It was heartless, cruel, and insensitive, not to mention the worst karma ever. And we all know that karma is a b-t-ch!






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