Why The Left Embraces Corruption.


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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

We often wonder why someone like Hillary got so many votes in 2016.  Hell, I’m still wondering why Obama got so many in 2012 after he was caught in so many scandals already, including Benghazi.  Yes, Benghazi will go down in infamy as one of the biggest scandals in modern day history and still not one politician or military has been arrested yet.  Not one. In fact, Susan Rice, the serial liar, is up for the position as Vice President under Biden! Incredible!

How in the world would anyone in their right mind vote her into office?  But it happens, over and over, by the left.  The left seems to embrace corruption.  They know Biden is dripping in it based on what he said on tape about bribing Ukraine into dropping an investigation on his son Hunter.  But they turn a blind eye.  It’s almost like the wife who turns a blind eye on the cheating husband.  Why…we ask ourselves.  There has to be something in it for them.

The wife may like the income she is receiving from the husband and doesn’t want to give up her lifestyle; likewise what the inner circles around Biden may be receiving from his scandals.  We know his family members, including his brother, are profiting off the Biden name. Maybe others are doing the same.  But what about the voters?  What’s in it for them?

I think, and it’s just an assumption, that voters that embrace corruption are trying to feel better about themselves.  Here’s how.  Maybe they aren’t the most honest tools in the tool shed; and if a more dishonest person becomes President, it makes them feel better about themselves. For example:  Hey, look what he did and got away with it. I only cheated on my wife and my taxes, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  Or, hey, look what he lied about. I’ve been lying up to my eyeballs to my family for years, so I don’t feel so bad.  He lies about much more serious things.  I only lie about how busy I am so I can disappoint a family member who comes to town. Or, hey, I am living off the government dole illegally and don’t want someone smart in the White House to finally find out. Or, I’m a big bleeding heart liberal who supports the LBGQT and climate change folks (just to be cool around my friends), so I’m voting for Biden who thinks like I do.  Or lastly, Biden’s running on bringing integrity and soul back to the White House. That means if he’s got any integrity and soul left, so do I. I’m feeling much better about myself. 


This rationalization must be the only reason a Democrat can vote for someone like Joe Biden who is dripping in corruption for the last forty years not to mention his recent cancer charity which made his friends and staff rich but did nothing for cancer victims.  Joe’s all about pay for play.  YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I’LL SCRATCH YOURS must be in needlepoint hung somewhere in his home. That actually is his forte and why Obama chose him as his sidekick.  But this is not a good characteristic for a president. Biden has never held a real job outside of the government.  Never ran a business or worked for a private company. He knows nothing about how real people make money, the old fashion way. He’ll do nothing to bring back the economy as he doesn’t have business experience.

Obama figured if he chose someone corrupt as VP all the attention would be taken off of him while he pulled the wool over America’s eyes.  It was a genius move.  Trump on the other hand chose a saint as his VP.  Total different criteria in mind.  Trump wasn’t looking to put someone corrupt in as VP to take attention off himself. He wanted someone with experience and “know how” to do the job. I respect his choice of VP.

Can you even imagine what job Biden’s son Hunter will land and at what company if Biden wins the presidency?  I suspect he may become CEO of liberal Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft, pulling in $600,000 a year. No wonder Biden wants to be president: to enrich his “know nothing” family.

Biden has been a liar and plagiarizer since college days.  He lied about his ranking in his law school, about scholarships, and his speeches that he copied word for word from others.  He has no original thoughts. He has lied so much over the years, it’s second nature to him.  That combined with senility, we won’t know if he forgot or is lying.  Not a good characteristic for president. His latest brainstorm is he will make it a federal law that everyone must wear masks outside their home.  What a moron!

So if you’re scratching your head on why someone would vote for Biden, the aforementioned are the only reasons I can come up with aside from the obvious that they just hate Trump.  That’s a stupid reason to vote for his opponent.  He’s never been ‘honest Joe’.  Never. These folks are just trying to feel better about themselves voting for someone worse than them for president. Sort of like what they did when voting for Hillary.  Same thought pattern.




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