Defunding, sheltering, nooses, cancel-culture, masking, and occupied = Scorched Earth.


water outside fire hose
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All terms we never thought of a year ago. This has all been created by the crazy left to takeover our glorious country while they simultaneously destroy it.  It is a scorched Earth method of trying to win back the presidency, but it’s all they have left.  Don’t fall for it!

Their powers at be must sit around in large groups coming up with this nonsense because that’s the only description of it: nonsense.  Nooses. Really? Defunding the Police. Really? Toppling statues.  Really?  Occupying cities. Really? These are the acts and thoughts of devious, criminal minds. What was embarrassing to watch was the city of Seattle helping them construct the barriers of CHAZ; and now they want to come in and remove them, but the loons won’t let them. What happened to the summer of love? More and more the left and their media prove to us that they are incompetent, lying, unapologetic, hypocrites.  They got what they deserved by enabling it to begin with.

The left figures if they cause so much chaos across the nation, Trump won’t be able to control it; and they’ll win in November.  It’s sick; but it’s highly funded and orchestrated by the likes of Soros, Obama, and Biden.  Yes, Biden donates to BLM and Obama doesn’t want to lose his legacy. And, coincidentally, it only occurs in liberal-run cities which means it’s not organic but well-planned. It’s just another form of a coup like their Russia Collusion, Ukraine Hoax, and impeachment sham–still trying to steal the presidency back from Trump. Can you imagine what just one of these characters was like as a child?  Spoiled rotten.

black and white picture of a crying child
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Pelosi as a child.

Nooses will be appearing everywhere, staged by the left to make us look like a racist country.  Don’t fall for it.  Covid numbers will increase everywhere to make it look like the pandemic is back.  Don’t fall for it.  Talk of defunding the police will spread everywhere to make us look like a nation of police brutality.  Don’t fall for it.  More statues will be toppled in the name of erasing history but really more for chaos. Don’t fall for it.  Talk of re-sheltering in place will increase everywhere to scare companies from reopening.  Don’t fall for it.  State orders to wear masks outdoors will be everywhere to take control of us.  Don’t fall for it.  More cities will be occupied by BLM to disrupt the economy even more. Don’t fall for it. It’s all part of their orchestrated coup which they probably have a name for like Crossfire Chaos. Remember it was JEB who claimed Trump would be achaos president’. Maybe he is in on this conspiracy too.

We need to ignore this disruption, chaos, control, and cancel-culture of our great country and get out to vote.  We need to vote Trump back in so these crazy loons will crawl back into the holes they crawled out of.  These are lowlife crazies.  Have you heard them screaming obscenities at the police?  They’re nuts!

Can we really believe the polls?  I have three phones: two hardlines, and one cell and have not gotten ONE poll call yet.  Who are they calling, the loons?  There’s no way these pollsters are getting a true account of people’s intentions.  No way.

Things will get back to normal once these indulgently-raised loons realize once and for all that Trump won the presidency fair and square the first time and fair and square the second time.  They need to finally admit it to their small, brainwashed minds or just leave the country.  We won’t miss them.




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