Crossfire Chaos.


crashing waves
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We all remember the FBI code names from Crossfire Typhoon to Crossfire Razor to Crossfire Hurricane.  All shady operations which were the impetus for the Steele Dossier paid for by Hillary to be submitted to the FISA Court to spy on the Trump Campaign, all intended to stop Trump from winning the presidency.  They were coordinated by dirty cops at the highest levels in the FBI and CIA (Comey and Clapper) in cahoots with the DNC and headed by Obama.  Full stop.

Well, Trump won against all these odds and shady operations, but they refused to accept it.  How could the FBI and CIA plans to disrupt Trump’s campaign fail? Unheard of. So they had to dismiss the results of millions of American voters and find an excuse for why he won.  He had the help of Russia. So they went to Crossfire Insurance Plans A through I which began with the Mueller Probe.

We’re now up to the letter J: Crossfire Chaos, it’s probably named.  The Democrats controlled by Obama and Biden now, are fueling the fire for this chaos across America. It’s disgusting and shameful what they’re allowing in order to get their power back.  It’s all about the Democrats wanting power and control.

Expect more and more: cities to be occupied, statues to be toppled, flags to be burned, teams to be kneeling and wearing BLM tees, Hollywood lies, media lies, John Roberts siding with liberals, Nevertrumpers siding with liberals, sports world Trump-bashing, defunding of police, covid cases to increase, cities threatening shutdown, manbun-wearing millennials and Gen Z’s screaming in the streets, mandatory mask-wearing, rioting in cities, and buildings being looted and burned.  This is Crossfire Chaos.

The ultimate goal: folks will be worried for the safety of their families and figure Trump is the cause of all the chaos (which he is not), but all they’ll see is that it is happening under his watch. Then when November rolls around, if this is still going on (and I suspect it will be);  they’ll go into the voting booth and think: What do we have to lose? We’ve already lost so much: schools closed, companies closed, high unemployment, virus spreading, cities burning; and Trump hasn’t stopped it.  Maybe a change will do us good.  This is their plan: Crossfire Chaos.

Let’s help Trump put an end to the chaos by showing our support for him, ignoring the defunding police proposals, standing up for the police, encouraging school reopenings, condemning the kneeling at games and politicizing of games, ignoring the virus fear mongering, encouraging businesses to reopen, shaming the burning of flags, ignoring the lying media, protecting our cities from takeovers, arresting the rioters, and denouncing the protesters.

It’s about all we can do to help, aside from prayer.  The truth will prevail, it just sometimes takes long, due to the rusty wheels of justice.  Maybe A.G. Barr together with Durham will be our savior and indict some of these dirty politicians before then.  One could only hope.  Hurry up Durham and Barr, the country needs you. Trump needs you, as he can’t trust anyone now.








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