Are Transgenders Just Gays That Are Embarrassed?

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Does a gay guy choose to become a female so he won’t be embarrassed having sex with a man?  This is probably considered a homophobic thing to ask, but we never had all this gender talk back in the 60s.  We had tomboys, which I was but didn’t look like one, and fems, guys that were a bit effeminate.  No gays, queers, or lesbian terms or even behavior like that in high school.  Or at least it wasn’t mentioned. But the times have changed, boy, oh boy, have they ever. I just need clarity.

So was Bruce Jenner a gay guy all this time hiding in the closet but too ashamed to admit it so he became a woman?  As a woman now is he attracted to men? Does he date men?  Or did he just want to wear women’s clothing so bad that he needed a sex change?  I’m confused. He definitely is bisexual since he’s fathered many children. So are transgenders just bisexuals that got tired of changing teams?

We always had women impersonators in Las Vegas and clubs.  Are they just gay guys trying to act like a woman to make money or are they straight guys trying to make money by being funny like in the movie Tootsie? What’s the difference between transgender and women impersonators? What’s the difference between a cross dresser and a drag queen?  I’m confused. I wonder this because there seems to be a lot of transgender sex change talk these days like it is becoming a fad or socially acceptable.

Case in point:  I saw a black male on tv who called himself a drag queen with breast implants, but said he wasn’t a transgender.  Okay.  So he was female on the top and male on the bottom.  He dressed like a man when he wasn’t performing as a drag queen.  He’d been married before and had several children with a female.  But he says he hooks up with butch lesbians and they like him.  Does that make him a heterosexual drag queen?  What would you call the lesbian that was with him?  I thought lesbians just liked women top and bottom.  I’m confused.

Let’s do lesbians now.  Do lesbians become transgender because they are embarrassed to be attracted to women?  Some look butch like Ellen, but do some get a sex change so no one will know they were female?  Why does Ellen need to dress like a guy? Does she think she is fooling her partner? That’s always confused me. We’ve all heard the old cliche that I always felt like a girl but was born a boy. Or I always felt like a boy even though I was a girl. Are they rationalizing for being gay or lesbian? Or are they just trying to gain fame for being gay?

I seriously want to know.  Transgenders seem to be offended if called gay.  Likewise, are gays ashamed of transgenders?  I’m confused is all.  I started to wonder about all this when I saw a Black Trans Lives Matter protest on tv. Is that a big concern among Blacks whether the transgender ones are discriminated against?  Are there a lot of Black transgenders? Or are these protesters trying to confuse us?

Personally, I think we should be happy with the gender we are born with.  Life would be much easier. I think Bruce Jenner made a big mistake. He was a good looking guy but as a woman? :/

Not all males are athletic, no reason for a sex change.  Not all females are pretty and feminine, still not a reason for a sex change.  Not everyone has luck in the love department, still doesn’t mean they should change sexes. So if you’re thinking about a sex change, reconsider.  It isn’t necessary.  You may just be embarrassed about being gay or bisexual–not born in the wrong body.  Just saying.

This is not based on medical or psychological research, just my thoughts.  Hate to see anyone make a big mistake because of a fad or embarrassment or fame. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace for nose jobs, boobs, and even butts (which I don’t condone) but a sex change? Plastic surgery is very risky to begin with as most women are never happy with their boob jobs and many more not happy with their nose jobs. If those are difficult surgeries, can you imagine a sex change operation? That’s major and should be reconsidered IMO.

Conclusion: Be happy with what your mama gave ya. You can’t get your gender back once you change it or if it becomes a botch job. Life is just a series of choices. One wrong choice can stay with you forever.





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