Did NYTimes Just Print Another Hit Job on Trump?


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I guess Crossfire Chaos wasn’t enough.  Did they have to come at Trump on foreign affairs now too?  He doesn’t have enough trouble with covid and rioting?  Of course, they did.  The New York Times is infamous for fabricating stories then getting Pulitzer Prizes for them. We all remember how the media spread the lying Steele Dossier about Trump and Comey’s notes from a private meeting. We also know they’ve been proven wrong after three years of reporting on Russia Collusion, so is this Intelligence Story just another attempt to put Russia back on the table before the election? Rhetorical question.

If Trump says he had not been briefed on this intelligence and hadn’t heard about it until he read it in the NY Times, why not take him at his word? Based on the Times’ reputation, it’s very likely fake news.  Conversely, when Obama said he first heard of the IRS scandal was when he read it in the newspaper, the media believed him. Double standard rears its ugly head again.

Biden’s response to a question regarding this intelligence story was Trump has committed dereliction of duty.  This was a planned question and answer so we know he’s part of the set up.  Biden is trying to put Russia back on the table because he is mired in corruption and this gives him a smokescreen while he tries to get out into the public again. The lame brain reporters will keep asking questions about Trump rather than his involvement in Ukraine, Hunter, the rioters, or Logan Act. Biden promises he will have no rallies to keep the people safe from covid.  What a nice man.

Reality is, he wants no rallies as he can’t draw a crowd and has nothing to speak about. He’s an empty mask. He has no policies to run on.  No opinion on occupied cities, toppled statues, rioters, church burning, monument vandalizing, the economy, or supreme court justices. His answers are all we’ll wait and see.  He wants to drag out his VP pick as long as possible so he or she can’t be vetted.  Duh!

I noticed a facial quirk during Biden’s well planned appearance yesterday like he’d been practicing this for a while.  He pulls in his lower lip on the left side when he’s trying to sound tough against Trump almost identical to what Bill Clinton used to do.  I guess he’s been watching Bill Clinton tapes and decided to plagiarizer or mimic his facial expressions. Guy’s a phony from head to toe.  Nothing original in his head or outside of it.

His only opinion is on covid.  Apparently he is the only president that can stop the spread of covid.  In fact, he predicts it will still be around next year.  When has Biden ever been on the right side of history?  Never.  Mr. “I was AGAINST banning flights from China before I was FOR banning flights from China.” Flipflopper.  This guy doesn’t know which end is up.

It also sounded like Biden was endorsing Fauci for his VP pick.  He’s neither black nor a woman, but I think Biden (who is historically racist and a male chauvinist) doesn’t really want a black woman as his VP and regrets promising it. Fauci and Biden need to get a room based on the like thinking they’ve recently expressed about covid. They are definitely in communication. Biden said he wants Fauci in his Oval Office.  That’s weird to say.  Where in the Oval Office? I knew Fauci was sabotaging Trump, but now we know why.  Fauci is vying for the VP position. What better way than to sabotage his reelection and get on the ticket?  Fauci is a God among Democrats and Independents.  Who wouldn’t vote for Fauci?  Not I.

Like Rush said, “don’t believe anything you read or hear in the news from now until election day.”  The New York Times is proving Rush right again.  There was likely no legitimate intelligence that Trump failed to get or read or act on.

Stay tuned.


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