“Who Raised These Foul-Mouthed Street Thugs?”

crowd of protesters holding signs
Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com

Laura Ingraham wants to know.  We all want to know. Can you imagine being the parent of one of these white, man-bunned, shirtless males or screaming, partially-clothed, foul-mouthed feminists?  How embarrassing.  Were they raised by wolves or did our school systems fail us?  It may be a little of both.

Our educators are failing us daily and have been for the last twenty years since Al Gore lost the election.  He started some crazy climate change movement out of spite and the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOC have continued it.  It should be named the Spite Warming.  The teachers in our schools and colleges are a product of this kind of education and are perpetuating this nonsense to our grandchildren.  Ugh! :/

These dirty, bragging college kids got brainwashed and wasted their money.  One of them commented on my last blog that Africans were in America first. Really?  If that’s so, why didn’t they build anything?  I thought Native Americans were here first.  Amazing what they’ve learned in college. Now they are claiming they were here?  Again with the trying to change history. When will this stupidity all end?

I heard an 81 year old lady today on the radio say her two granddaughters shouted her down about Black Lives Matter implying she was racist unless she believes what they have been told in school.  Granny held her own and said, “I’ve lived a lot longer than you; and I don’t know where you’re learning all this, but it’s wrong.” Remember it was Obama who told his followers to get in their faces referring to anyone that didn’t agree with you. Why are high school kids talking shit to their grandmas? I never did that.  We never learned politics in high school to this degree.  Something is going on and it stinks.

My furnace repair guy who lives in a predominately liberal county said he feels there’s something rotten going on with the covid crisis, but he can’t put his finger on it. Without telling him I was a Trump supporter I said, “It’s simple.  It’s an election year, and they want Trump out.” He looked so relieved to finally run across a customer that may be thinking like him so he wouldn’t stop talking.  He let all his frustrations out without wearing a mask.  When he left, I simply said, “Vote Trump!”

Never seen a guy so happy to hear those two words come from a woman in a liberal town.  How many men are running around afraid to speak their minds for fear of backlash?  This same guy got mask-shamed by a man on the street for not wearing a mask.  He told the man, “Mind your own health mister, and I’ll mind mine.”  This is what it has come to now.  Every man for himself.

My husband can’t have a peaceful golf game these days without one or more club members Trump-bashing while he’s trying to play.  It angers him then ruins his game.  This is their M.O.–continue to bad mouth Trump until people start to believe it.  They know nothing about what is truly going on, yet they won’t shut up.  It’s becoming unbearable. Now basketball courts are going to paint Black Lives Matter on the court?!  Do we really have to kowtow this low?  When they go low, we fold. Republicans will be known as the party of wusses if this continues without the party standing up for themselves!

Thanks a lot crazy left wing nuts.  You’ve ruined our country by dividing it: Youth against elders, Blacks against Whites, BLM against All Lives Matter, Left against police, relatives against relatives, masks against no masks, golfers against golfers, and Liberals against Conservatives.  Why is it that the left always has a go at those that are minding their own business?  Why won’t they leave us alone and shut the hell up? It’s hard to live in a country where liberals are constantly mouthing off.  I actually wondered for the first time what it would be like to live among my quiet, yet liberal, people in Norway.  I’ve never wondered that before.

If Biden wins, our country goes to pot and down the tubes. Full stop. Living off of our crashing retirement plan in a socialist country with loons running it won’t give us very many comfortable years left. We’d have to sell property to live but then where would we live? It’s a conundrum, but true. 😦




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