Covid Cases Being Hyped and Jacked Up.


Haynes How-To: jack up a car

So the covid case count is all messed up.  When we hear that cases are surging it is just code for they have found a new way of jacking up the count.  Here’s how: When one person tests positive he has to come back weekly to get retested.  If he retests positive, it gets counted as a NEW CASE. Then he comes back another week and if still positive, still another NEW CASE.  This has the potential of tripling the number of people with covid being reported.  Plus we find now that the CDC is combining previous virus illnesses picked up in the test and using them in the Covid count. That’s called cooking the books in accounting terms.  That jacks up the positive case numbers too as we’ve all had a virus at some time in our lives.  So what’s really happening?

It’s a political year and the more rise in cases Biden can complain about (and get his numbers wrong), the more cases will get added.  So the likes of Fauci (the Science God) and the CDC will use alternative criteria to add more cases. Biden even said today that it is not mission accomplished.  Trump has never used those words.  He’s being an asshole.

Remember Rush said don’t believe anything you hear in the news from now until election day.  I will add to that “especially if it is regarding the covid virus”. The day after the election (no matter who wins or loses), the covid virus will miraculously disappear.  It’s being used to control society. Mayors are demanding cities to wear masks.  It’s a form of psychological control, and we shouldn’t have to obey them. They are trying to psyche us out and are doing a good job among the youth.

The governors and mayors of certain cities are using rise in covid cases to re-close certain activities in their cities like beaches, indoor seating, gyms, and bars; yet they are encouraging lowlifes to keep protesting in the streets and toppling statues. What does this tell you?  It tells us that they could care less about stopping the virus; it’s more about stopping the economy.  They must hate the job numbers that came out today and want to reverse them.

The virus is nothing more than another form of the Democrats taking control of us.  They want to tell us what to eat, what to drink, what to drive, what to buy, what to read, what to watch, how to shop, how to work, how to travel, how to heat, how to play, and how to dress. They want us all to be a bunch of masked-faced green new deal robots walking around not talking to or touching anyone.  Basically being unsociable robots. It’s a form of psychological abuse. And what the governors are doing to our children by keeping them out of school is child abuse.


people wearing face mask for protection
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Note to Biden:  You’re not healthier than Trump.  You won’t pass the cognitive test that is required by the government after age 65. You just won’t.  You may be slim but Trump has never drank alcohol, smoked, or taken drugs. His liver is golden and so are his lungs.

You’ve had botox, hair plugs, and possible face lift.  That doesn’t make you healthier.  Just makes you weird and phony.  Trump shot a 74 on the golf course yesterday.  Let’s see you hit the ball as far.  Push ups are not a measure of one man’s health.  You can barely walk across the room as you are low-energy Sleepy Joe. You shouldn’t be bragging about your health. Someone may ask for YOUR jacked up health records.


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