Who Is Trump Really Running Against?


automatic weapon bullet camouflage close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Trump has incoming fire coming from all directions during this election year. He can’t trust anyone. What companies and organizations are working against Trump? Facebook, Twitter, TicToc, Microsoft, Amazon, FedEx, ESPN, NBA, NFL, Golf Channel, NBC, ABC, CBS, NOW, MSNBC, CNN, DNC, Domestic terror groups, Planned Parenthood, NAACP, Teachers Unions, Wayfair, Netflix, HBO, BRAVO, Yahoo News, Google, New York Times, Washington Post, WHO, and the CDC just to name a few.

If you don’t believe it, tune into one of these tv shows and just listen to the commentators. Then we have the majority of Hollywood, Music Industry, United Nations, Congress, Supreme Court, Nevertrumpers, and some RINOs against Trump. These companies/organizations/groups have a big influence on voters, so Trump has his work cut out for him.

How do we help Trump to stop the false stories we are hearing or reading on any of these outlets? We can’t because these companies/groups are all biased and it falls under the category of Free Speech. They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories of Russia interference in our elections.  Don’t fall for it. They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories of racism, hate, and white supremacy. Don’t fall for it.  They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories of covid cases, mishandling, and incompetency.  Don’t fall for it. They will plant, spread, and fabricate false stories on Trump’s health.  I saw one this morning. Don’t fall for it.

This is their latest attack on Trump. Spread the rumor that he is not healthy as Biden’s health is falling faster than a lead balloon. Remember, whatever they are guilty of, they will accuse Trump of.  It’s called projection. This is the platform they’re running on:  Hate and lies about Trump. Project what the Democrats are guilty of onto Trump.  It’s all they’ve got as Biden has no policies other than raising taxes and ending fossil fuel.  What can we do to stop them? Probably nothing; just don’t believe them and stand up for your beliefs if they come at you with one of these lies.

Stand up for Trump to shut down the lies and false stories. It’s about all we can do aside from supporting Trump in the streets.  But that seems to be taken over by the Crossfire Chaos crowd.

So who is Trump running against?  Not Biden, as he is unfit to even debate Trump. Trump is running against all the liberal media, sports, music, Hollywood, politicians, feminist groups, social media, online shopping and delivery, judges, science groups, domestic terror groups, and atheists who all support Biden. And that’s a lot of incoming fire.



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