Who’s Lying to Us? Mayors, Governors, Hospitals, CDC, WHO, and the Media.


Pinocchio (1940) | Mickey News

We are living in a nation of lying Pinocchios right now. From the covid case counts, deaths, and hospitalizations to the cause of extreme violence against cops and citizens, we are being lied to relentlessly by the titled culprits in order to spread fear among voters.  We can’t trust anyone from now until election day and maybe even after when the results of the election start coming in.  They are all lying.

Hospitals are inherently lying to fleece more money from Medicare and insurance companies by lying about a patient’s condition. For instance, before covid crossed onto our shores, I went to the urgent care for a dull chest wall pain that I had for two months, but since my blood pressure and heart rate was elevated, they stupidly rushed me to the ER.

The ER took me in as a patient in “high risk” yet not one doctor saw me upon entering.  They took blood tests, chest x-ray then finally the doctor came in touched my chest where it hurt and said, “That’s not your heart!”  Two months later I got a copy of the charges they charged Medicare.  $16,800 dollars for a two hour stay and a false diagnosis of “high risk” patient.

I followed up with a GP who diagnosed my condition with a stethoscope in one minute as costochrondritis, inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs and muscle in the chest. The hospital ripped off Medicare by overcharging my diagnosis.  Doctors should know the difference between a chest muscle and the heart before running a battery of expensive tests. Plus, I told them it’s not my heart. We’ve all felt heart pain before and know the difference.

Can you imagine what they are diagnosing the flu, cold, asthma, or pneumonia patients coming into the ER?  I can only imagine and have heard that if a patient even mentions the word “covid”, they charge him as entering the hospital with covid before running any tests, and then he is added to the statewide covid hospitalization count. It’s a scam.  I suspect hospitals are ripping off the insurance companies to make up for all the uninsured illegals and have been for a while. Besides the hospital can charge more for a covid patient than a flu patient.  This is a windfall for them.

Governors and mayors are passing the buck for all the violence they are allowing in their cities onto covid, high unemployment, gun laws, police brutality, and Trump.  Lies, lies, and more lies. It is due to them enabling and encouraging violent protesters to run rampant in their cities with no threat of arrest.

The CDC is collecting the covid test results of everyone without symptoms and skewing the results they give the media or the media is.  How will we ever know, as they are one and the same?  And we all know that the World Health Organization is covering for China and Biden wants to get back in bed with both of them.

Still, to date, do not know one person personally that has gotten covid nor do any of my friends and family know one person that has gotten covid.  Still, to date, have not had one pollster call me on any of my phones.  Not one.  So what we are hearing on the media is skewed.  Do not trust the news!

Fake news is alive and well.  Even Chris Wallace will be lying to Trump during an interview with one of his loaded questions, but unlike Mitt Romney, Trump calls him out.  We all have to stand up for ourselves from now on.  We are being duped and hoodwinked, and we have to stand up for ourselves.  There are too many liars out there. Our nation is experiencing an epidemic of liars that go unchecked. Recently, Governor Cuomo compared Trump’s handling of the covid pandemic to the Nixon Watergate break in.  What a whopper of a lie that is.





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