Biggest Enemies of the State: deBlasio, Cuomo, and Fauci.

Bill de Blasio paints Black Lives Matter street mural outside ...

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Is Using the Pandemic to Consolidate Power

Fauci on Life After Coronavirus: We Should Never Shake Hands Again ...

They are silently, and some blatantly, destroying America the way we knew it.  Three Italian fellows that seem innocuous enough with their so-called knowledgeable commentary, yet they are slowly allowing people to die either at the hands of street thugs, covid, or from mental health.  An enemy of the state is defined as an “individual that may have in fact endangered the country and its population.

All three of these bureaucrats have pulled the wool over America’s eyes especially the liberals’.  They talk a big story of health and compassion and sympathy all the while having a secret agenda: getting Trump out of office at all costs–even at the cost of lives and livelihood of their citizens.

Fauci became the darling of the left at the onset of covid.  The second he was described as a “scientist”, the left fell head over heels for him.  He has been wrong from the onset of covid, yet they still listen with bated breath for every word that leaves his lips. Common sense told us a mask would prevent the spread of covid in the air, but Fauci recommended against it. And he pooh- poohed Hydroxychloriquine because he’s invested in a vaccine.  That’s on him.

DeBlasio has been a long-haired, bearded socialist radical like Bernie since the Reagan years protesting much like the lowlifes of today. A street community organizer.  Sound familiar?  How he fooled New York City into becoming mayor is much like how AOC and Obama fooled New York.  They like big talkers that sound intelligent.

And slow-talking Cuomo has blamed everyone other than himself for the deaths of 30,000 seniors in his state.  He stupidly signed the paper that allowed infected patients to go back to the nursing homes while he had a ship and two temporary facilities built that he could have sent them to.  He allowed citizens to continue using the subway system, spreading the disease with no preventive measures taken. That’s on him.  And now he says, “Trump is libel for his covid scandal.”  Projection much?

With these three guys running rogue and going on tv with their opinions and radicalized ideas, no telling how many more citizens will be murdered in the streets, die from covid, or just give up on life.  Apartment renters and homeowners are fleeing New York in droves.  They don’t feel safe there.  The thugs have taken over the streets of New York City and the cops have been emasculated.  Something has to be done and soon. Trump needs to send in the national guard whether they want it or not.  I think letting this anarchy to continue will only hurt Trump in the long run which is their goal.

I see Fauci conspiring with the CDC to jack up the number of covid cases in every city across the nation.  One person was counted 15 times as every time he went in for a test it came out positive.  So the number of cases could actually be 15 times lower than the CDC is reporting.  That’s the real covid scandal.  We aren’t getting the truth from these so-called experts, and we won’t because it is an election year.  They have all been politicized and it’s hurting the children of America.  Teachers need to get back in school and stop being political. They should be considered “essential workers” as they are paid by the government, and we need them to teach our children.

Get back to work teachers.  Your summer vacation is over.  Our children depend on you.  America is depending on you.

And Fauci, deBlasio, and Cuomo need to shut the hell up and walk quietly into the sunset of retirement.  You have disgraced our country with your mistakes and arrogance.


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  1. My wife is British, and has little regard for Italians. She says their military vehicles have one speed forward and three reverse. We were at an airshow once and she asked about the strange looking fighter jet. The guy told her it was Italian. She asked if it flew backwards. Not a good idea to get her started on the subject.

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