We Are Being Shot, Boycotted, Shamed, Fired, Raided, and Cancelled By Mob Rule.

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If we say “All lives matter” to a BLM member, they’ll shoot us.  If we go on tv to support the president or give him any kind of compliment, they’ll boycott our product.  If a celebrity or athlete speaks out against BLM, they get shamed into a public apology.  If an editor prints a conservative OP-ED, he gets fired from the newspaper. If we defend our home from a marauding group of thugs, we get raided by authorities and weapons confiscated. If we produce anything like a toy or tv show that glorifies police, it will be cancelled.  What the hell are we living under, a Nazi Regime?  Are they going to gather us up and put us all in a concentration camps if we don’t think like they do? It’s starting to look like it. It’s mob rule.

I know all this Crossfire Chaos nonsense will suddenly end in November once the election is over; but in the meantime, why should we have to put up with this mob rule mentality? We shouldn’t.  This chaos is all about trying to bully the voters into choosing Biden over Trump who has “apparently lost control” or as Biden says “put up the white flag.”  Biden and the DNC are trying to bully voters into voting for them.  I think most Americans, however, can see through this.

For some reason, these street thugs lack remorse and have no respect for life, the definition of a sociopath.  If I see one, I’ll definitely flip them the bird and shout, “Go home to mommy” as long as the light is green. And that’s all they are lonely sociopaths trying to belong to something bigger than themselves. I guess it beats becoming a serial killer, trying to be part of a movement. They know not what they are fighting for. These thugs are modern day Black Panthers combined with useful White idiots with sociopathic tendencies.

Someone said yesterday that these worthless characters in the streets (as well as the governors of their states) are using the pandemic shutdowns as an excuse for why they haven’t become productive, responsible citizens.  “Well, Mom, I would have been successful but covid and the shutdowns ruined my chances.” (So now I’m just going to be a lazy, worthless, noncontributing criminal.)  Newsom and Cuomo are using the shutdown for much the same reason. “Gee, Mr. President, we need disaster money to rebuild our cities that have been ransacked and destroyed due to covid.”  Even AOC blames the violence in their city on covid and shutdowns.  “They just need a loaf of bread.”

Once we find out who’s paying these criminals to invade our streets, we’ll be able to prosecute the origin of this mayhem. We have to follow the money trail on their computers or cell phones. But the new “no bail needed”  program in New York City doesn’t even keep them behind bars. Premeditated much, deBlasio? The DNC is behind most of this chaos headed by the usual suspects (disgruntled losers of the last election.)  Boo hoo. :'<

Mealymouthed Biden tried to give a tough-guy speech yesterday, but his “s” and “p” words slur together and are difficult to understand.  By the way, he coughed over five times and touched his hands to his face.  I thought that was a no, no. He’s spreading germs where ever he goes.  He needs to be tested. None of this makes any sense. Most of his promises contradict each other as he’s trying to have it both ways: pro job creation but tough on fossil fuel. If you end the fossil fuel industry, there’ll be mass unemployment.  Period. If fossil fuel ends so does trucking industry, coal mining, airlines, space travel, food industry, restaurants, and electric companies. It’s the green new world colliding with the fossil fuel world.  Worlds colliding end up in an explosion.

Biden plans to have battery chargers along the highway.  That’s convenient.  How long does it take to charge a car battery? How many cars will line up to that charger?  People won’t buy into that.  Might as well promise the return of the horse and buggy.  Biden wants to redesign old buildings to make them green.  He’s never built anything so doesn’t realize that buildings have to be designed from the ground up to accommodate green technology. Might as well tear them down and start over. What a waste of time and money his ideas will be. Reminds me of Obama’s “shovel ready jobs” and “Solyndra”. Two Trillion dollars is the cost to taxpayers for his green new world plan.

Hurry up Durham and indict one of these Democrats that conspired to take down Trump to put them in their place before the next election.  Right now they think they are running the show like puppet masters.  Once there’s solid proof that Trump was set up with the Russia Probe which was the impetus to the Ukraine hoax which resulted in the impeachment sham, maybe it will stifle these anarchists in the streets and send their financiers into hiding. We need to extinguish the fires that they’ve been trying to fan by all their violent, marauding protesting. We’re sick of them and tired of waiting for Durham’s indictments.

So if you are getting bullied by mob rule for no apparent reason other than being lawful and civil, you’ll know why. It’s just the left’s way of intimidating you into voting for Biden.  “A vote for Biden will end the chaos” should be his slogan.






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