California Counties Need to Defy Newsom and Reopen Schools!

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Without schools reopening this fall our children will suffer, if not already.  This is becoming more of a health issue than covid itself.  It is mental abuse and neglect of the child.  Denying a child to learn in a classroom setting and mingle with other children their age is akin to separating a school of dolphins. Like the dolphin, we are social animals.  And we all know how the left loves their dolphins, but apparently not their children.

We all know that this closing of schools was never in the name of science; but now more than ever, it is in the name of politics.  Newsom would rather ruin the economy across California to hurt Trump in November than put children back in school.

We all know that testing is off the rails and that the positive tests for antibodies is being included in current cases as well as retests. This is the scam they are running together with the media who is hyping the story as a nationwide spike. Testing healthy people that have had a virus before and count it as a new case.  Newsom and his ilk are rooting for more covid deaths and hospitalizations. I know this is harsh to admit, but from the looks of it, it’s true. The media sounds giddy at the news of spiked cases of covid along with the Democrats in power. It’s hard to watch.

We all know and were told that we shouldn’t get tested unless we’re suffering from symptoms, yet the line of testing is getting longer. Whoever is getting in line in their car without symptoms is part of the problem.  Stay home and take care of yourself.  Quit adding to the covid count.  If schools stay closed, we all lose.  Workers can’t return to work due to lack of childcare, children will be mentally harmed, teachers will become lazy, if not already, and our economy will tank even more.

Wake up California counties and defy your stupid, politicized governor!  He has an agenda, and its all politics.  He sucked at the wildfires, he sucked at random power outages, and now he sucks at covid just like Cuomo.  Recall Newsom, and we’ll all be better off; but in the meantime, defy him. He doesn’t do anything in the name of science, just politics.

Most scientists agree that keeping children home will harm them and stunt their mental growth more in the long run than a virus can. We can’t expect parents to work from home and also home school their child.  Only a full time stay-at-home mom could pull this off. And we have fewer and fewer of those moms left.

In life there are risks.  It’s a risk to get on the highway.  It’s a risk to have sex with a stranger.  It’s a risk to buy a stock.  It’s a risk to get married.  It’s a risk to fly on an airplane.  It’s a risk to go out on the ocean.  It’s a risk to go surfing and skiing. It’s a risk to drive in the snow. It’s a risk to ride a bike or motorcycle, etc.  So in life we make calculated risks to do certain things like shopping these days or sending your child to school.  Take the risk for the sake of your child’s future and let them attend school with other children.  Demand that your teachers get back to work. Orange County is doing it, why not yours?

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