Peace Comes Through Strength, Not Appeasement.

man posing on top of a burned police car
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baseball player kneeling on grass field during daytime
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man riding on motorcycle
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group of policemen on horse
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Appeasement and kowtowing to thugs and criminals in our streets never works. We are at war with our own citizens.  We have been appeasing them and getting disrespected in return. We have been kneeling to their demands like cowardly wimps.  In return they have attacked us in public then are released by the weak criminal court system in New York City.

The thugs who put police officers marching for peace in the hospital have been caught and released back into the public to cause more havoc on innocent people. The only way to obtain peace in our streets is through strength; just like we treat other countries, we have to treat our citizens this way.  They don’t respect us when we cower to their demands. Neither do other countries.  When we start to show strength again, only then will we be able to control the thugs in our streets. We gave them an inch, and they took a hundred miles.

Chris Wallace stupidly asked Trump why violence has escalated recently.  He has no idea it is related to the next election, or he is playing dumb. Chris also claimed he was an impartial news anchor which is a load of crock.  He asked Trump skewed questions regarding the covid case counts as well as death counts.  He is totally biased and Trump called him out for it.  Thank you Trump.  Someone had to. Chris also argued in favor of Biden that Biden didn’t agree to defund the police.  That is up for debate, but Chris is not the final word.

When we vote these liberal mayors and governors out of office and take back the crazy House from Pelosi, only then will we return to normalcy in the streets of our cities like Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. The mayors have told their police to stand down and behave like cowards in the face of evil and these mayors have to go. They allow their police stations to be overtaken by evil and burned to the ground. That alone was the impetus for violence across the nation to ensue.  Chris Wallace should know that, but he has kowtowed to the left too.  And Biden has gone so far left there is no return. When we give up our authority it creates a vacuum that gets replaced by evil and that’s what’s happening. Evil is running rampant in the streets of our cities.

It’s akin to a mother that lets her child run the household with screaming, demanding, throwing, and all out spoiled behavior. Her child has no respect for her, and she ends up with a delinquent on her hands when he/she becomes a teenager.  Spare the discipline, spoil the child.

Same for these thugs in the streets of our cities. Peace comes through strength. We need our cops to be tougher and stop appeasing and mollycoddling these criminals.  They don’t respect you when you stoop to their level of stupidity. I weep for the future of football that has allowed these overpaid, ungrateful athletes to set the rules. Stand up for football tradition and show them who’s boss.





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