And Now They’re Coming For FOX News!


The 24 most wildly irresponsible lines from Donald Trump's latest ...

When all else fails, go after the only purveyor of truthful news: FOX News. They tried to take out Trump and failed.  They tried to take out Kavanaugh and failed. Then they tried to tank the stock market and failed.

They’re trying to cancel our culture and will fail. They’re trying to hike up the deaths from covid and will fail. They’re trying to destroy our beautiful cities and will fail. They’ve been desperately trying to take out the police and will fail. They’re also trying to ruin the integrity of our election system and will fail.  So what’s left?  The only purveyor of truthful news: FOX News.

“They” is the radical left.

So they have some office fling (I never heard of) go after poor Ed Henry who gave up part of his liver to save his sister’s life.  And FOX News fell for it.  Now they’re coming for FOX’s biggest ratings Tucker and Hannity by some feminist that they joke with on the air, not flirt.  Personally, I hate it when she comes on the show as she is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  But since she’s never had a man even talk to her, she conflated it (or decided to use it) as grounds for sexual harassment.  Trust me, no one would sexually harass this woman, least not Hannity nor Tucker.  So it is all a set up by the left. Follow the money and see how much Soros or Hillary is paying these women.

The left is trying to suppress the news as FOX News is the only station telling the truth.  It’s like living in a communist country.  What better way to take revenge on FOX’s biggest rating anchors that broke the story on Russia Collusion as a hoax?  What, no guy or gal to file a sexual harassment charge against Sandra Smith, Martha MacCallum, or Laura Ingraham?  Amazing.

Hannity and Tucker can hold their own, but it won’t be the first time some woman tries to profit from working for FOX. But these women have an alternative motive aside from money: suppressing the truth about Trump as they are leftist activists.  Without FOX News all we would hear is negative reporting on Trump and have for the last four years.

Whenever there is positive news on Trump, they bury the story like his speech at Mt. Rushmore.  If it’s a neutral story, they’ll turn it into a scandal like his first rally which they claimed spread the covid virus and was unattended.  And if it is truly negative, which is rare, they jump on the impeachment bandwagon like when anchors asked if Trump drawing on a hurricane map with a marker was grounds for impeachment. There has never been one positive story on President Trump from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, or ESPN which in itself is very telling.

Let’s not fall for their latest attempt to suppress conservative voices. Ignore the lying left and support FOX News anchors. Trump has to win in November; otherwise, we’ll lose our country permanently to the left socialists and our country will become unrecognizable.


3 thoughts on “And Now They’re Coming For FOX News!

    1. Never CNN. They are just an arm of the Democrat party. FOX has never ran with a known false story and I’ve been watching them since 1998. Never. They have a few guests on their show with the Democrat view on a story like Juan Williams and Geraldo but CNN is all Democrat view. They ran with Russia Collusion for four years and still do. I never listen to NPR. I trust Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, Watters to always get a story right and not jump to conclusions.


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