What Do Covid and BLM Have In Common?


Photo by CDC on Pexels.com
crowd of protesters holding signs
Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com
  1. They are both deadly if not nipped in the bud early on.
  2. They both have Americans fearful to leave their homes.
  3. They were both unleashed on us by enemies.
  4. One is a virus; the other, is vitriol.
  5. They are both being used to affect the presidential election.
  6. They both have demonstrators swarming the streets.
  7. They both have destroyed if not put stores and restaurants out of business.
  8. One has us wearing a mask for health; the other, wearing a mask to hide.
  9. One causes streets to be free of cars; the other, burns cars that happen to be out.
  10. Conservatives wish both would disappear; liberals encourage their spread.
  11. One causes victims to keel; the other forces victims to kneel.
  12. They are both prevalent and spreading in liberal run states.
  13. They are both part of Crossfire Chaos.

Nancy said yesterday that covid is called Trump Virus.  With that said, Black Lives Matter is Biden’s BLM.  He condones them, finances them, and receives donations to his campaign from them.

With all that is going on in our liberal cities, beware of a silent backlash. More and more, I am meeting workers that say their families and clients are supporting Trump but seem to be hesitant to voice their opinions. And this is in a liberal county, city, and state.  They are disgusted by BLM and are calling covid politicized and over hyped.  The word on the street is “I’m over it.” They think Trump will win by a landslide in order to bring back law and order, schools, and jobs. I hope they’re right!





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