If Baseball Will Have Cardboard Cutout Fans in the Stands…

Oakland A's will fill Coliseum stands with cardboard cutouts of ...

What’s next? A cardboard cutout of a president in the Oval Office if Biden wins?  Do they think we’re stupid? Yes. If we’re going to fall for an audience that isn’t there, I guess they think we’ll fall for a president that really isn’t there. We are living in a bizarro world. More and more, I’m shocked to hear bizarre ideas coming from Democrat mouths, cities, and leadership.

For instance, a beloved high school coach and teacher being fired for expressing support for President Trump and asking for schools to reopen.  He obviously is not lazy like the other teachers opting to stay home.  He misses his job and his students but got fired due to pressure from mob rule. He should sue the school district and expose their political bias.

I’m shocked to hear about protesters calling themselves “moms” lining up in front of rioters to protect them.  The definition of “mom” must have changed.  If my mother did that, I’d be ashamed of her. But these women have no shame, no class, no morals. They obviously are activists trying to promote chaos in order to hurt Trump. Please don’t use my title in your game of chaos. As moms you disgrace the name of “mom”.

Another bizarre story was the couple that had their gate broken down by rioters and their life and home threatened by the mob. They got arrested for wielding their guns in their defense, but the trespassers are running loose. It’s bizarro world. What’s up is down, what’s down is up.

All this crap is just to hurt Trump.  My grandsons can’t go to school this fall due to crazy governor who wants to hurt Trump.  This is making parents crazy.  They can’t be kept home indefinitely plus try to teach their children.  They didn’t go to college to be a teacher nor to sit home on their computer. All this is bizarre thinking by crazy governors. Teachers should be labeled “essential workers” and kept in school.

Kamala Harris took space in the hospital for an unnecessary face lift thinking that would help her chances as Biden’s VP pick. What a waste of taxpayer dollars to have a senator sitting at home in recovery while our cities are being ravaged by animals. From what she looks like now, I’m not so sure it helped her case.  She looked better before. She is not a good example of “Build Back Better” just “build back worse”. But she’s in good company with hair-plugs, face-lift Biden.

When will citizens who are against all this chaos, mayhem, and bizarro thinking come to their senses and realize this is all the work of the Democrats?  They need to vote them all out up and down the ballot this November before they do any more harm. We don’t want a cardboard cutout of a president running our country. He will only be there in name but will have no say in what goes on.  It will be Obama 2.0 and his cronies and all our work to investigate them for conspiring a coup to oust a sitting president will be for not.

Now, one last bizarro story told by Biden.  He had an aneurysm in the brain and was hospitalized (that in itself sounds like a disqualifying medical condition to be running for president) but he bragged how nurses would blow into his nostrils to keep him alive.  This is sick stuff. Either he was making out with these nurses while in the hospital and got confused where their mouth was or we have a bunch of nurses who need to go back to nursing school. An aneurysm is serious business.  He may be taking anti-seizure medicine and needs to disclose this.

This guy is not fit to sit in the Oval Office let alone have a debate against Trump and will try to avoid it.  He’s just not mentally fit. He’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  If anyone thinks he is, they need their head examined.

Let’s not vote for a cardboard cutout president. Let’s not vote for a candidate who plays the race card daily against Trump without evidence. Biden doesn’t misspeak.  He tells what he thinks or what Obama tells him to say.  It’s all part of their bizarro plan to label Trump as a racist in order to win. When covid, BLM, crossfire chaos, shutdowns, economy, or anarchy fails, go back to the race card. Label Trump a racist.  It’s their “go to” campaign strategy.  And they and Juan Williams think it’s true.

Look out for the silent backlash.




To date: Not one call from a pollster on three different phones nor knowing anyone that has contracted covid. Sounds suspicious doesn’t it, based on polling results and covid counts?

Since when does covid get spread by beach goers, schools, and churches but not by mass protesting in the streets?  Get it now?  We’re being hoodwinked.


2 thoughts on “If Baseball Will Have Cardboard Cutout Fans in the Stands…

  1. Everyday seems as though we have been thrust into an alternate universe where everything is reverse, upside down and negative. Never thought I would see this nation in such a state. Thank you Demorats

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