Brain-Freeze Biden Won’t Debate Trump.

Biden, on brink of White House run, reaches out to Sanders to ...


Joe gives new meaning to the phrase “I’ve got brain freeze”. We’ve all said it before. It’s usually said after sipping a blended Margarita too quickly, now it’s thought whenever Joe is in mid-sentence. For example: When Joe was speaking at an event he said,  “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their… [brain freeze] you know the thing.”  He couldn’t remember the word Creator or he knew Creator meant God and he could have no reference to God in front of his liberal, some atheist, audience.  This exposed himself as having either dementia or being a panderer.

From the looks of it, there will be no debate between Trump and Biden as Biden’s handlers and apparently the media are discouraging it and pooh poohing the importance of debates.  They know Biden will lose. The public knows Biden will lose. The media knows Biden will lose. Everyone knows Biden will lose, so why take the risk? This is the most unfair election year in U.S. History.  Unfair to Trump.

Trump can’t hold rallies without being called insensitive to rally goers’ health. He can’t hold a convention for the same reason. They want to have mail-in voting which will be rife with fraud and now they are reneging on the debates. If Trump insists on a debate, they’ll claim he’s bullying Biden because he’s losing in the polls. He’s desperate for a debate because he’s losing. Stuff like that.

This is the worst election year ever.  How does a healthy, strong candidate run in this climate of snowflake, cover up, sham artists?  He can’t.

Brain-freeze Biden has moments of clarity but it ain’t enough obviously to debate Trump.  He’ll inevitably have a “corn pop,” “blond hairy legs,” “phonograph,” “keep punching” or “stock coupons” senior moment for sure.  That’s why they have to keep him in the basement.  This is the worst election year ever.

Not having debates not only hides Biden but it hides Trump from future voters. But this is all orchestrated and planned by the left.  This is the way they want it. This is the only way they think they can win, by hiding their candidate and stifling Trump.

I hope America can see through this sham, as this is all it is–another sham. 

To date:  Not one phone call from a pollster and have not seen one Biden lawn sign or bumper sticker, lots of Trump signs held by supporters cheering though.  That’s a good sign. Dare they put one on the lawn in today’s climate where they’ll get vandalized by weirdos. Where is the enthusiasm for Biden?  There is none.

2 thoughts on “Brain-Freeze Biden Won’t Debate Trump.

  1. I’m really hopeful for a few debates between the two; if nothing else, I’m dying to see the circus that ensues. It would make for good television, no doubt.


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