Rioters Are Killing Their Own.


black wolf on green grass
Photo by patrice schoefolt on

These wild animals are killing off Democrat voters, but they don’t know any better. Week after week of nightly rioting in liberal cities across the nation and shootings of innocent bystanders, fellow protesters, and the police have escalated to unconscionable levels.  The police are outnumbered by these ravaging wolves.

Attorney General Bill Barr warns the U. S. is facing a new form of “urban guerrilla warfare.”

“I think they would be generally for bringing down any administration. They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism. They are basically Bolsheviks.” Barr on Life, Liberty, and Levin.

Their goals and demands are irrational as they want no government, no police, no jobs, no schools, no cars but want everything given to them for free.  Obviously since these demands are completely ludicrous, this uprising (formerly known as RESIST and started by the likes of disgruntled Hillary voters) will most likely end in November as it appears to be just political. When we witnessed the “line of moms” protecting them, it was obviously a line of RESIST moms. They are all in on it.

No matter who wins or loses, these wolves will disappear as fast as covid will.  This is all done in order to upset and interfere with an election. We are onto them as they actually do what they accuse us of doing–interfering in an election.  Nice try Dems.  We’re onto you.  But careful, you’re killing off your own voters with your own ammunition. Collateral damage much? Sort of silly, isn’t it? But we are in the silly season of this election year.

Maybe these animals will grow a brain or a conscience before too long, otherwise they’ll end up collateral damage like their cohorts.  The Democrats behind all this chaos should be ashamed, but they’re in the midst of a “scorched earth” to ruin the economy by any means that is beyond the point of no return.  The only end in sight is the election.  Then they can all crawl back into the dens that they came out of and lick their wounds AGAIN like animals do.

Vote Trump/Pence


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