If We Can Safely Go to the Market, We Can Go to a Voting Booth!


woman wearing mask in supermarket
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Don’t let the media and Democrats scare you into thinking that voting in person will be risky. They are running another scam.  We can keep six feet from the voter in front of us, wear a mask and gloves, and be in and out within 20 minutes.  If the cities open up more locations and longer hours and a few more days to vote, this will solve the problem of spreading the virus.  Remember, the states that encourage street protests, riots, and tents are against in-person voting.  Does that make sense?  Yes. It’s all politics. If you happen to be out of town during the voting period or unable to get out of your home, apply for an absentee ballot as usual.

The post office can handle any increase in mail and have for years.  It’s not about funding the post office like Nancy claims.  It’s about appearances. She asks for billions so Trump will say ‘no’ and it will appear he is committing voter suppression.  For Trump, it’s about the states not being prepared to authenticate then count in a timely manner. The states are not equipped for something like mail in ballots this late in the game.  There’s no way to verify a mail in ballot just an absentee ballot. That alone should take their crazy harebrained plan off the table.  Period.

Do the Democrats realize that the average person moves every two years? Or do they conveniently ignore the facts?   That means a mail in ballot will be sent to their old address.  Some folks don’t even file a mail-forwarding card when they move; so unless the sender knows your new address, mail will continue to go to the old one or both.  I still get mail addressed to the former owner of my home a year later.  I am quite sure I will receive a mail in ballot addressed to her in which I could fill it out and mail in but won’t.  How many millions will get the same in their mailbox and be tempted to commit voter fraud in the name of restoring the soul of America?   What kind of soul would that be that commits voter fraud to win an election?

The Democrats can’t claim the mantle of soul when they got caught spying and trying to steal the election from Donald Trump.  One high level FBI lawyer has been caught doctoring documents in order to falsify a FISA application, so more heads should be rolling soon.  This will help Trump in the election, no doubt, but the MSM media seems to be burying this story as well.

Trump’s beloved younger brother Robert died on Sunday and must be a huge heartache for Trump.  May he rest in peace. The MSM barely covered the story.  They have no empathy for Trump which shows how cold they are. They don’t want their viewers to express sympathy to Trump. Selfish, cold, calculated media and Democrats.





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