Last Night Was RICH!


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It was hard to watch so I had to record most of it and fast forward through the quagmire of lies.  It was basically a night of lying and projecting what the Democrats are doing or have done onto Trump.  It was soooooo RICH!

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how they do it with a straight face.  I mean Seinfeld used to tell jokes with a straight face, so I guess it can be done.  But it’s almost sociopathic.  Cuomo blaming the street violence on Trump saying that it started in Charlottesville.  Come on, man!  Is that the best you got?  You mismanaged your whole state and begged for help then got it from Trump. Now you turn on him? Biting the hand that feeds you much?  Sounds like someone is jealous.

Boring, boring Kasich claiming he’s a Republican was also rich.  The guy is nothing more than a disgruntled loser of a presidential run much like Hillary which he thought at the time he’d run away with.  Nice try, Kasich, but your continuous bragging was off putting. You never ever had a chance to win.  Not one moderator even wanted to call on you when on stage.  You were too boring.  Ask your wife.

Bernie was again just the angry old Jewish guy with the flailing arms speaking of progressiveness (socialism) and how they’ve gotten Biden to fall in line combined his typical Trump lies “the most dangerous president in our history.” Back to the Future called they want their Doc back.

Michelle was real hard to watch with her sweating under the lights.  She obviously has hated Trump from day one but for her to say Trump is the wrong president who is in over his head and he put children in cages was so rich it was laughable.  Trump took over after her husband’s failed presidency brought our country to the brink of mediocrity and poverty.  We were going nowhere for eight years evidenced by high unemployment and our retirement plans which were like a hamster spinning on a wheel. Trump brought us back to prosperity. That’s not being in over your head.

Obama built the cages that had pictures of children in them.  Nice try Michelle, but we ain’t buying what you’re selling. Go back to bed and take care of your depression. I can see how living on a sea cliff on a 20 acre estate can be so depressing.  Poor gal. Maybe rent out some of your rooms or guest houses to the homeless or BLM. Maybe that can relieve you of your depression.

The theme of the night was We the People which was also rich.  They don’t care about the people when they are allowing cities in to be in turmoil and keeping our children home from school.  That’s not We the People.  Covid seemed to be another theme which they put at the hands of Trump rather than China.  One girl said her dad died from covid because he trusted Trump. To me it sounds like he didn’t take any precautions.  We are all responsible for our own lives and cleanliness.  These are ridiculous claims as covid knows no political party and to use her dad’s death as a prop was despicable. By the way, I thought their mantra was “when they go low, we go high?”  That was about as low as anyone could go.

It is clear, this party has no plans other than “We Hate Trump and Want Him Out”.  They have no plans other than that.  This is not enough to run on. But this is the way they have acted for four years regardless of all the good Trump has accomplished.  He could be getting the Nobel Peace Prize soon for his work in the Middle East between Israel and the UAE.  He actually will have done something to receive it,  not like Obama who received it for being half Black.  It’s also clear that the Democrats have jumped on the covid bandwagon and will try to hang it around Trump’s neck like an albatross.

The post office was another hot topic of the night.  But as Trump says, it’s just another hoax.  He isn’t removing mailboxes, sorting machines, or money from the post office.   If anything, this was done by Obama and Hillary in cahoots with some Postal Union workers.  Michelle can lie all she wants with a straight, angry face, but that doesn’t make it true.  In fact, nothing she said was true.  But she comes from a party of liars so it comes easy for her. And they call Trump a liar.  Rich!

In Calfornia, Newsom has come up with a plan to get more folks on the unemployment rolls to hurt Trump.  Force UBER and LYFT to make their drivers “employees” rather than self employed.  This will cause both companies to shut down as they can’t afford all the benefits. Get ready for one million drivers to file for unemployment.  Funny this wasn’t done eight years ago while Obama was president and the only jobs out there were UBER drivers  Amazing.  Get it now?

Watch out Trump!  They are out to get you.




4 thoughts on “Last Night Was RICH!

  1. My gawd, I’m impressed that you could actually watch that tripe. I can’t sleep at night, upset over what is happening in Portland and Seattle. The Democrats and their minions are evil to the core. If they aren’t lying at the moment, it’s because they are conjuring up more lies. I never thought I would see the day when we are literally defending our nation against one of our own political parties. Forget Russia, the real threat is the DNC. Thanks for reporting so I didn’t have to watch it. I didn’t have enough Pepto Bismol.

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  2. I had to fast forward through most of it but, trust me, it was hard to watch. I swore out loud at them, especially Michelle, as they lie with a straight face. Yes, we are at war with the dem party.


  3. Just got off the phone with one of my business associates who told me the following story; One of his sisters friends was sitting on a bench in Portland, near the OSU tramway, and was attacked by a man with a hatchet. He is going to lose and arm and a leg. The guy also killed his dog that tried to defend him. This is the stuff that is going on in once quiet neighborhoods. This happened on Sunday night, I have yet to hear anything about it on the news. The left has turned our nation into a giant insane asylum.


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