Violence In Cities Has Zero to do with Trump or Racial Tension…


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and all about the next election.  Buttigeig made that clear. The Democrats are using the violence in our cities to blame on Trump by labeling him a “chaos president that incites violence”. Or some nonsense like this.  Let’s get something clear:  JEB Bush invented the label “Chaos Candidate” for Trump during the debates four years ago and the Democrats are running with it.  When all else fails to take out Trump go back to the debates and find something, anything, they can use against him as it’s all they have left: Crossfire Chaos it is.

Democrats see the writing on the wall and are scared.  Don’t be surprised if they bring out all the “oldies but goodies” from the last campaign: Gold Star family, Hollywood Access tape, Stormy, Charlottesville, sh-thole countries, handicapped reporter, Muslim ban, Rosie O’Donnell, and Meghan Kelly. I heard them even bring up the “climate change girl” that received a Nobel Peace Prize that Trump said should stay in school. They are desperate.

When Pete Buttigeig says that Trump is the cause of violence in these liberal towns that refuse federal agents to come in to help, it’s laughable.  All this chaos only started after the covid pandemic was starting to wain. They needed something new to grab a hold of so they jumped on the Floyd Bandwagon.

It’s nothing to do with Floyd or racial inequality.  It’s only to do with winning the next election. It’s a form of election interference by intimidation.  Now the basketball players are onboard with boycotting their games in the name of racial injustice but it’s really election interference by intimidation. I think their paycheck should be suspended during their walkout.

The Democrats are desperate now as they have clung onto the Black Lives Matter movement that turned out to be nothing more than New White Panthers group.  So sad.  Donna Brazille even said, “The next president has to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ in order to win.”  Now Biden is trying to condemn the violence as he sees it is working for the Trump Campaign.  Too little, too late, Sleepy.  You missed your chance during convention week.  But, of course, you are a copycat and always late to the party.

Another ploy they are trying is placing all the blame for the covid pandemic onto Trump.  Even old Carly Fiorina is coming out saying Trump failed to lead.  She is so jealous of Trump and how many things he was able to accomplish in such a short time.  She wouldn’t have been able to do an ounce of what Trump has done.  Carly, JEB, Kasich, Romney, and Paul Ryan are the worst Republicans ever as they don’t support their party.  They are so disgruntled that they lost that they have to support two corrupt lifetime bureaucrats from the opposite party.  What sellouts. Here’s who are standup guys: Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Chris Christy who put their country over self.  It’s called swallowing your pride which the others can’t seem to do.

These are the next two hoaxes that they will run with until the election.  Then it will be about not conceding the results as advised by old Hillary herself. “Don’t concede until we can “find” enough votes for you to win.” It’s already started with the “mail in ballots” scam and “post office funding” hoax.

Democrats will cheat to win.

Yay!  I received my first call from a pollster who I think was Black and it was 100% pro-Biden from the onset with the premises of the questions being all lies!  I had to interrupt the caller many times, saying, “That’s a lie and I can’t answer a question filled with lies.” She answered, “Please let me continue or I’ll lose my job.”   Her questions claimed that Trump was going to stop Social Security, take preexisting conditions from healthcare, gave tax cuts and covid stimulus and loans to his rich millionaire friends, implied he wants schools shut down, and didn’t listen to scientists during the covid crisis.  Of course, I called her questions out for being biased and when we were done she said “I was the greatest debater or responder she had called yet.”  

This is what they’re doing. Using Black pollsters to intimidate the responder to answer ‘Biden’ for fear of being called a racist.  They also ask loaded questions that any low information voter may fall for and also choose ‘Biden’.  I called her out and she sounded embarrassed but had to do what they tell her to.


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