Traditional Values or Cancel Culture are on the Ballot. Take Your Pick.


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Do you want all our past to be erased by the radical left or would you prefer to keep our history books unchanged for future generations to read?  Why would anyone want to erase our past, our history, our names of places? We are an honorable, lawful, prosperous, generous country with a history to be proud of despite what the Democrats say.

Trump tried his best last evening to refresh our memories of our forefathers’ struggle exploring the Old Wild West across the rugged vast countryside in covered wagons and establishing settlements along the way.  I think he was trying to make a comparison to today’s snowflake culture who seem to want to tear everything down that has taken centuries to establish and then expect handouts from the government which they hate to begin with.  But it may have fell on deaf ears.

The youth of today are being misrepresented by the acts of these ruthless street thugs. They surrounded and tried to attack Rand Paul and his wife last evening.  It is not safe for any recognizable Republican to be on the streets of these cities. Notice they don’t attack Democrat leaders.  Why is that?  Because the Democrats are the ones sending them out to cause havoc.  Nancy said even yesterday that the GOP were “domestic enemies.” This is a dog whistle to their followers to go out and commit crimes.  Rand suspects they were well-dressed anarchists flown in from other states.  Someone is funding them (Hillary) and they should be prosecuted. Remember the violent crowds outside of a Texas rally last election?  They were paid for by Hillary to incite violence to look like it was Trump supporters.  So this is still continuing today.

Would these same cancel culture thugs be the ones rebuilding what they have torn down?  Of course, not.  They would rather live in their tents along the ravaged streets and storefronts staring at their free cell phones smoking pot all the while collecting their monthly government welfare checks.  But who would provide them food?  Long lines to soup kitchens and healthcare provided by the government too. But how would the government be making money with no one working and no tax revenue?  Exactly!  There would be no money to provide food or healthcare to a soul.  So the government would just be a giant sugar daddy handing out freebies to all with no revenue coming in until they ran out.  Money would become a thing of the past, cancelled out.

So their stupid plan to end fossil fuel, medicare for all, open borders, and no police enforcement would turn us into a third world country in short order.  I choose traditional values like: in person schooling, in person work staff, in person medical appointments, walk-in restaurants, full police enforcement, healthcare insurance plans, end to kneeling at sports events, end to renaming cities, parks, places, and sports teams, fossil fuel industry, restoring peace to our streets, saluting the American flag, belief in God, low taxes, protecting the unborn, buy American and hire American, right to bear arms, movie theaters, concerts, events, presidential debates and rallies, open beaches and parks, apple pie, and an end to masks!

When Nancy says, “She wouldn’t legitimize a debate with Trump who lies” she was planting the seed of “no debates with Trump”.  BTW I saw a snippet of Kamala’s prebuttal to Trump yesterday and it was packed with lies. FYI Kamala, it’s called diplomacy when you don’t jump to conclusions by accusing the leader of a rival country of unleashing a virus on the world. It’s what presidents do.  Trump gave China the benefit of the doubt for about a hot minute until they refused our scientists to come to investigate.  So this “lying” accusation on Trump is more projection of what they’re doing.  Trump’s speech was 100% factual and even my husband had not heard of some of his facts.

They are hiding Biden from the people and this is the strangest election year ever.  They are using covid as an excuse to hide Biden even more and Biden is onboard with it.  He knows he can’t debate Trump as Trump’s record of accomplishments blows him out of the water.

Ivanka Trump’s speech was exhilarating and got the crowd energized.  Trump’s speech hit all the marks and then some.  It was not his usual rally speeches which are enjoyable, but he was speaking to lifetime Republican party members which is a different crowd. Can’t wait for his next “real” rally where he can let loose his personality.

Yesterday I heard Squaw Valley Ski Resort will drop the word “Squaw” from their name.  This is getting ridiculous!  What will they change it to, “Female Native American Valley” or “Non-gender Native American Valley?” Stop cancel culture already!  They are destroying all our memories and history.




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