Election Interference by Mob Intimidation.


crowd of protesters holding signs
Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com

It’s clear to me and more and more Americans that the protests by BLM et al are nothing more than to intimidate voters before the next election.  Democrats are claiming that “Trump has lost control of the country and that we need to vote him out!”  That will be all they need to get voters to vote Democrat. But not so fast.

Yesterday driving through our normally peaceful downtown, the street was crowded with patriotic people holding Trump/Pence signs. We honked and gave them the thumbs up signal.  It was encouraging for about a hot minute until we looked to the opposite side of the street to see “Defund Police” and “Black Lives Matter” signage with the protesters shouting.  I flipped them off as it irked me for them being there then they jaywalked in front of our car.  I gave them the thumbs down sign and told them “you suck!” out my open window.  My husband quickly drove us off to safety.

I think if we let them know they are not welcome in our cities, maybe they’ll get the hint.  But the people who join in with them and the media who coddle them are being duped.  It’s not about racial inequality. And why do we make martyrs out of career criminals anyway?  We don’t look up to career criminals. Floyd, Blake, Brown, Trayvon, and the rest of them have all had sketchy pasts with drugs, rape, robbery, prison, or domestic violence. Their big mistake was not complying with the police.   This is not who we should be making martyrs of.  They are no Martin Luther King.  The media grabs onto anytime a Black person gets shot but overlooks when Whites or Blacks get shot by the mob.  Don’t White Lives Matter?  I guess not.

What happened to the story about the five year old boy riding his bike that was shot in the head by his Black neighbor?  Nary a word about it.  In fact, the shooter probably has already been released from jail. The media and others have selective outrage.  They could care less if any person gets shot or attacked on the streets by the mob. It doesn’t fit their peaceful protest narrative, so it is buried.

We all know what they’re doing.  It’s clear and becoming clearer.  Biden was  finally forced to condemn the violence along with his phony running mate but blamed it on Trump’s America. “This is on Trump’s watch.”  Nice try Joe and Kamala, we ain’t buying it. Buttigieg already let that cat out of the bag.  Trump hates the violence, looting, and burning of cities and has tried to send in help, but to no avail.  They’ve turned the tables on Trump and claimed his federal agents caused the violence. The stubborn mayors are in on the sham, meaning they figure the longer it lasts the better chances they have of winning in November.  But not so fast.

So when you go to the polls, no matter what party you are registered with, (and this includes my “lost cause” friend) think about your family, your home, your children, your job, your safety, and ask yourself, “Do I want to vote for a candidate that uses intimidation and threats to innocent people to get himself into the White House or do I want a candidate that is trying to keep America safe at all costs from domestic and foreign threats?” The answer is clear.  Vote for Trump/Pence to keep all Americans safe from the mob that is multiplying like cockroaches and from abroad.

Why will this violence end once Trump gets four more years?  The answer is: he’ll have the backing of the American people and hopefully the House of Representatives again to pass stricter laws against these domestic terror groups that will supersede the lame laws like “no bail, “catch and release,” and “sanctuary cities” that these mayors have endorsed and enacted.

Sure there will be a few nights of outrage and screaming in the streets (like last time) when Trump wins again.  Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Weisman in the crowd or Bill Ayers both screaming. What else is new?  But the intimidation will end because the election is over. These paid anarchists will crawl back into the dark hole they emerged out of. The left has been crazy for the last four years trying every angle they could to steal the election from Trump. But failed. I think we can handle a few more nights. Or we’ll end up in a civil war which I doubt Trump will condone.  He’s not a wartime president.

And astonishingly the threat of covid will miraculously dissipate in the air and in the media too.  Thank God.






4 thoughts on “Election Interference by Mob Intimidation.

  1. Keep pushing the message hard, exactly what I’m doing. Good job. We need to resist vote by mail. That’s a recipe for disaster. They already have the plan in place, that’s why Hillary told Joe not to concede under any circumstance. They fully intend to contest the election in an effort to delegitimize Trumps win. These people are pure evil.


  2. November 3rd can’t come soon enough! I’m in VA. Not only a land of corruption, but a sea of idiots! (Plently of normal people with functional brains live here so don’t give up on us! Please pray)!

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  3. I think the tide is turning in Trump’s favor. Biden has nothing to run on aside from “blame Trump” for what they have caused: riots, school shutdowns, business shutdowns, rise in unemployment. Now they are trying to say the riots are a result of Trump’s mismanagement of covid and the people are angry. Hmmm. I thought the riots were a result of a Black criminal getting shot. I think they’ve been exposed. It’s just about the election and nothing else.

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