Biden’s Platform = Blame Trump.

At Joe Biden fundraiser, Barack Obama warns Democrats not to be 'smug'  about beating Trump - Chicago Tribune

Poor Sleepy has no accomplishments in 47 years to run on so he is blaming all the civil unrest in the country onto Trump.  “This guy has been sewing division and hatred in America.” “This guy has been incompetent handling the covid pandemic.” “This guy is fanning the flames of racial tension.” “This guy has failed in his leadership.” Biden can’t give Trump the respect he deserves by saying his name. Shame on him.

Did Biden forget that it was Obama that said “We need to get in their faces and when they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun?” That sounds like inciting violence to me. Did Biden forget that it was a Bernie volunteer that shot up the Republican baseball game soon after Trump won? That sort of got downplayed by the media too. Sounds like they are the party of violence and guns. Did Biden forget that it was Maxine Waters that said, “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,”?  Sounds a lot like Antifa and BLM to me shouting in strangers’ faces. Did Biden forget that Nancy recently called the GOP domestic enemies? That sounds divisive to me. Did Biden forget that he called Trump supporters the dregs of society and racist? Did he also forget that when asked if he’d debate Trump he answered, Debate him?  I’d like to take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. Can you imagine Trump saying this and getting away with it?  Of course, not. These are the people that are fanning flames of violence, division, and hatred in America, not Trump.

It’s clear Biden is getting nervous down in his old basement pacing like a caged panther.  I guess his wifey and running mate can’t speak for him forever. Although they do have big mouths.  He needs to get out there in person without his mask and address the people.  He plans to hold a few rallies soon at locations to be determined.  (I won’t hold my breath.) Everything he does is so secretive because he is such a VIP (very inactive person).

If he does come out of his cave, Sleepy needs to answer to his proposed tax hike that will punish small businesses already suffering from shutdowns.  He needs to answer to his proposed national mask mandate that is against our civil rights.  He needs to answer to imposing another shutdown based on science that will send the economy over the cliff. He needs to address some of the lies he’s been spreading about Trump like the Charlottesville lie that has been clearly debunked and the lie about defunding social security.  He needs to explain how he is taking credit for bringing the economy back with millions of jobs when it was all Trump’s doing.  He needs to admit that Obamacare was a complete failure and that Trump isn’t taking away pre-existing conditions like he’s been claiming.  He needs to denounce the rioters once and for all as domestic terror groups.

Biden needs to explain how his son got cushy jobs in Ukraine and China. He needs to explain how medicare for all will work.  How will we pay for illegals getting free healthcare?  How will we pay for free college?  How we will be protected if the police are defunded? My Democrat friend thinks they’ll send a social worker to the house during domestic violence. Thanks, but no thanks. How will diesel trucks bring goods to cities without fuel?  What judges are on his list for the Supreme Court? How will he control the border using just “smart” technology? “Mr. Know-It-All” has got lots of ‘splainin’ to do.

Instead of wasting time blaming Trump maybe Biden should start defending his own proposals which are pie in the sky.

Pie in the Sky: A Tasty Community Fundraiser - HKS Citizen

Biden just had another televised “Blame Trump” speech.  He again repeated all the lies above and then some.  Now social security will run out of money under Trump and Trump wants violence as he thinks it helps his campaign.  If this was even a little bit true, why is it that liberals are the ones committing all the violence?  He doesn’t control the libs and why would they want to help Trump?  Get it?  They wouldn’t.  They are projecting what they THOUGHT would help them in the election (all the violence) onto Trump.  AGAIN.  And why didn’t Biden denounce all this violence during their week long convention?  Because now they see it IS hurting them. Another one of their HOAXes goes down in history as a failure!

Biden seems to want to place all the blame of the pandemic on Trump rather than China.  This is very telling.  He will be China’s lapdog if ever elected. There’s no president that would have handled the pandemic better than Trump, not even Obama. Obama would have kept the flights coming in and would have no clue on how to get companies to produce equipment because he and Biden have never run anything.  Never worked for a company that builds anything, neither has Kamala.

And to dismiss a few myths:  Breoana Taylor was in a drug ring and was shot after the cops returned fire on her drug-dealing boyfriend, so we can dismiss her altogether. That’s on her.  And Blake was wanted for rape and endangered the lives of his children when trying to escape to his car.  That’s on him.

Lastly, Biden asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?  Really?”  Yes, yes you do!  In fact, Congresswoman Rasheda implied it and so did Obama and Bernie.

This quote may go down in history as “the most lacking self-awareness quote” since “Read my lips, I won’t raise your taxes” or “I’m not a crook!”  Biden will live to regret reading this pre-planned question. And whatever woke guy wrote it for him, will be fired. It’s akin to asking, “Do I have stupid written on my forehead?”  Yes you do!


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