There’s A Kind Of Hush.

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There’s a kind of hush
All over the world tonight
All over the world
You can hear the sound of voters for Trump.
You know what I mean
Just the two of us
And nobody else in sight
There’s nobody else and I’m feelin good
Just knowing I’m right

So listen very carefully
Get closer now and you will see what I mean
It isn’t a dream
The only sound that you will hear
Is when I whisper in your ear to ‘vote Trump’
For ever and ever

There’s a kind of hush
All over the world tonight
All over the world
People just like us will be votin’ for Trump.

Song By The Carpenters (with a few edits).

LET’S HOPE SO. Otherwise I have to change my blog name. But, seriously, I’m feeling good that people are catching on and Trump will win.

3 thoughts on “There’s A Kind Of Hush.

  1. Very nice! I am fortunate enough to mostly associate with Trump supporters, even at work, in Virginia. The neighborhood app Next Door is where I witness the crazies that live and breathe hate around my city.

    Don’t change your name! It won’t be necessary!

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  2. We’re in Virginia Beach. A tourist city, but as such, we no longer visit the Oceanfront and haven’t for years. I don’t know how it was before “Greekfest;” I was young, but it changed over time, for certain.

    One thing that irritates me most is the “news” didn’t report a thing about the “peaceful protests” happening there for weeks when George Floyd died. I learned from running into random aquaintences advising to avoid the area.

    Keep the faith, though! I don’t know if VA can overcome Northern VA’s voting scam, but happily, I converse more with customers than our few employees, and we are a Republican majority in my bubble!

    President Trump will win! Praise God! The Democraps could bring out the beloved “My Michael” for an October surprise… We’ll still be fine!!!

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