We Will NOT Be Coerced Into Voting “Biden/Harris.”

Biden, Harris lash Trump at debut of historic VP choice - Casper, WY Oil  City News


That’s not how democracy works.

Some of the major features of a democracy are:

  • The final decision making power rests with those elected by the people.
  • It must be based on a free and fair election.
  • Each adult citizen must have one vote and each vote must have one value.
  • It should rule within limits set by constitutional law and citizens’ rights.

If you are one of those that think the violence in your city will subside if you vote for Biden, like Bernie and his ilk are threatening, don’t fall for it. The left has completely lost control of the militant rioters and they’re getting what they want: transformation of this country from the ground up.

Why would Biden coming along change that? He has kneeled to them, contributed to them, posted bail for them, praised them, and kowtowed to them. They own him now just like China does. Evil doesn’t respect weakness, IT only respects strength. Their destruction of the country will only spread under Biden from city to suburb to rural America.

If Trump wins, he’ll have a fresh mandate from the people to go into these cities and arrest them all. They belong in jail with no bail with long sentences despite what the Democrats say. They are not peacefully protesting, they are transforming our cities into third world cities. Soon our streets will be turn to dust under them with no law and order and no traffic enforcement, no cars, boarded up stores and restaurants,oh I forgot, New York is already like this thanks to DeBlasio and Cuomo. Residents are fleeing New York City in droves. Real estate will be dropping like a rock and Million Dollar Listing New York will have to end their show or change the name to Millions of Listings New York.

The radical left hates capitalism, conservatives, The Constitution, religion, White people, fossil fuel, success, money, wall street, high rises, statues, monuments, museums, prisons, churches, libraries, police, traditions, the working class, law and order, and babies. What do they like? Looting, stealing, burning, assaulting, killing, invading, destroying, toppling, screaming, and now extorting. That’s their life.

We will not be coerced into voting for Biden. We’ve heard from his minions “if we don’t, the violence will continue.” That’s extortion!


Harris and Biden, who are always claiming they will follow the science, are now claiming if a vaccine comes out UNDER Trump’s presidency, they won’t trust it. There’s lots of reasons not to trust a vaccine but to think because Trump is president, is not a reason. Trump is not in a lab cooking up vaccines to kill people. Everything has to be FDA tested and approved. He’s just trying to expedite the testing, which the left usually loves talking about, but not when Trump says it.

So you see, even if we come up with a vaccine, the left will treat it like they treated Hydroxychloroquine with the Zpack: “It will kill you!” (Their next hoax coming down the pike.) Wait for it. They will prevent Trump from having any more successes before the election.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “We Will NOT Be Coerced Into Voting “Biden/Harris.”

  1. Another fab article. Good job. Sometimes though, it’s a little disturbing to be able to see the truth, and have a limited ability to counteract the bad guys. We just have to keep speaking up as loudly as possible.


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