Comparison of Jill Biden to Film “The Wife.”

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As I was watching the 2017 film The Wife the other night, I couldn’t help but think of the Bidens. The wife, a talented writer, was ghostwriting for her philandering husband for years who finally gets the ultimate reward of a Nobel Prize in Literature. She was never credited for being the ghostwriter of his novels. She felt robbed as she had stayed with this unfaithful phony for years and now he gets awarded. It should be hers.

Similarly, Jill has been turning a blind eye to all Joe’s philandering, groping, self-pity, plagerizing, and sniffing and now is covering for his dementia while he receives the ultimate reward, candidate for the highest job in the land, POTUS.

Jill Biden Steps Onto Stage As a Potential First Lady | Time

I feel for Jill. Just look at her expression. It says it all.

In the movie, the wife played by Glenn Close finally is fed up and gets the courage to say she’s leaving him. He actually denies the fact that his wife had been the real writer and he was just a consultant. His ego made him believe his own sham. But, as karma is a b-tch, he suffers a fatal heart attack and the film winds down.

If life imitates art, this is how the Bidens will turn out. She’ll finally get fed up with all his lies, plagiarizing, position selling, dementia denial, women sniffing, and grow a conscience. Hopefully, he doesn’t get a heart attack though. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

But Jill deserves better. She has to cover and lie for his corruption, lies, self-pity, and phoniness daily and must feel a lot like the wife in this movie. Leave the jerk, Jill. But she won’t; she’ll end up caring for him in his final stages of dementia all on the bet that he’ll win the ultimate prize of POTUS and she’ll become First Lady. But at what price, her self respect? Should she take this bet?

If Jill was an honest woman, she’d tell the public that her husband is suffering from a serious illness and that he needs to step aside. This is IF she is an honest woman. But she has been covering for him for so long, it is second nature to her now. Dishonesty has rubbed off on her just like in the film. We’ll just have to wait for the election to get rid of this lying, lifetime bureaucrat once and for all. His lies about Trump are unconscionable and egregious. He won’t run a fourth time.


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