Cake Decorator Refuses to Write “Trump” on Birthday Cake.

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My husband went to purchase my birthday cake and thought it would be cute to add, “Go Trump” after the Happy Birthday. But the decorator refused to add it without giving him a reason. My husband didn’t have time to argue with her but relayed the story to me.

Of course, as a big defender of Trump, it pissed me off. I called the store manager to relay this odd behavior to him. He was shocked at first. He said they had no policy to refuse to write anything on a cake unless it is offensive or obscene. So I asked him, “Did the girl think Trump’s name is obscene or offensive?” He didn’t know. He said he’d never heard of such a thing happening at his Raley’s Store in Napa. I told him I was quite sure if my husband asked for her to write “Go Biden,” she would have complied.

We ended the conversation with he’d check with the bakery manager and get back to me. So far, no return call. Someone’s getting a dressing down, I hope. And since when is a 30 something year old rude to a senior in his 70s? These activists are being raised with no respect for our generation or their elders. Someone needs to teach them manners if they aren’t being taught in school or at home.

After doing a google search on her odd behavior, apparently it is quite prevalent as a nine year old boy got refused a “pro Trump” cake for his birthday by a bakery. Every bakery his mother called refused. This is sick behavior. They have TDS. We have the right to freedom of expression but apparently the bakeries are using the same right to refuse customers’ requests. I could call the local paper and expose them, but don’t want to be used in the story; they’d probably agree with the cake decorator anyway in liberal NorCal.

Sometimes I feel like we are living in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie, and I haven’t been replaced by a pod yet as everyone is behaving oddly. I half expect to be pointed out and screamed at by one of them for being human. I better stay awake.

Let it be known we are up against a very-socially-connected Trump-hating machine. They are stone cold crazy.

Stay tuned.

A New Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Remake Is Happening - CINEMABLEND

Follow up: I wasn’t about to give up on getting my Trump cake. I went to the same store, different state, different lady, and asked for Trump 2020 to be written on the cake. She gladly said, “You got it!” It made my day.


2 thoughts on “Cake Decorator Refuses to Write “Trump” on Birthday Cake.

  1. They’re lucky it was you and not me. If that was done to me they would have seen instant a==hole. I won’t tolerate such behavior from anyone. This cancel culture is out of control. We have let the liberal run free for so long, maybe we are getting what we deserve for being indifferent to their antics.


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