Now That “Mini Strokes,” “Losers and Suckers,” and “Downplaying Covid” Are Debunked…NEXT!

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Boy, oh boy, it is full court press time. The media barely mentioned Trump’s nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize yesterday. It was overshadowed by Woodward’s hit piece. I wouldn’t believe his spin on anything Trump says or does as he is a big time critic of Trump for the last four years on CNN. He even fell for the Russia Collusion Story so what’s Woodward’s opinion worth? Nothing in my opinion. His timing of this book’s release is also telling.

Trump’s response to the virus was exemplary and timely without causing mass panic among the folks. PERIOD. Despite what Kamala and Biden have to say. The two of them as well as Nancy were in the midst of an impeachment while the virus was coming ashore, and they could care less. As it was, the stores got ransacked and the market got hit with Trump handling it calmly. And not one life was lost by remaining calm. It should not be compared to Pearl Harbor Day or 9-11. It was a slow-moving incoming contagion not a instantaneous attack. And China was not being forthcoming at all which made it harder. Coronavirus is a novel virus and there was a learning curve for sure. Trump is a quick study and no one could have done it better.

The mask wearing or not to wear was all on Fauci. Trump is not a scientist. The media acts like he should be the Scientist in Chief. The time lines of his response, which are more evidence than Trump’s taped voice, are the proof. Actions speak louder than words. They are the direct evidence and Biden should be ashamed for trying to criticize Trump’s handling of the virus compared to his calling the banning of flights from China xenophobia. Biden should be panned.

Now that Woodward is having a go at Trump, I begin to wonder if maybe, just maybe, President Nixon got set up as well by the Democrats. We weren’t so savvy in those days to conspiracies. Maybe all they accused Nixon of was just another set up, but Nixon had no way to defend himself against the incoming Democrat tsunami. Trump was lucky enough to have experience in defeating opposition in his private practice in business and land development.

After this latest attack is debunked…NEXT. Trump needs to be prepared for just about anything at this point. And FOX News needs to let it go. They are as gullible as the rest of them these days. Shame on them.


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